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Story: Wonder Woman - Who's Who in the JLA and Legion of Doom 1/2

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  • szink22446@aol.com
    I know many of you may be wondering if all I m doing is editing these days. I ll be the first to admit that some of this story is a bit contrived, but please
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2004
      I know many of you may be wondering if all I'm doing is editing these
      days.  I'll be the first to admit that some of this story is a bit
      contrived, but please let that get past you and try to enjoy reading. 
      I really had a lot of fun in writing this for a special story contest.
      The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros. 
      It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of
      actual story lines in published books.  The story is purely for fun,
      with no profit to be made by the author.  It is free to be archived on
      any site wishing to do so, provided the author is given proper credit.

      I would really love to hear any comments you'd like to send me.  Thanks,
      and I hope you enjoy it!

      Wonder Woman - Who's Who In The JLA and Legion Of Doom
      by Steve Zink

      Part 1

      The JLA had met the new Legion of Doom put together by Superman's age
      old foe and now ex-President Luthor when the villains tried to take
      over one of the Cold War relic underground facilities kept by the
      government in the West Virginia Appalachians.  It was only through the
      subterfuge of having Zatanna alter each of the JLA members to look like
      another while still keeping their original powers that gave them the
      edge they needed to overpower the Legion.  Overpower is a bit of an
      overstatement, however.  All they had really succeeded in doing was to
      prevent the Legion from taking over the facility.  All of the villains
      escaped after the debacle, and were still at large.

      Of all the JLA members, Wonder Woman in particular was worried about
      the new membership of Luthor's Legion.  It was bad enough that one of
      the original Legion of Doom's members and a long time foe of hers was
      back, but Cheetah was not alone.  The wicked witch Circe had decided to
      join with Luthor also, and with these two together opposing Diana and
      her teammates, it did not look good.  The fact that a new Star Sapphire
      who had no connection to John Stewart as Green Lantern was alongside
      Circe and Cheetah gave the Legion of Doom a number of potent females
      who had already proved themselves more than able to take on the JLA. 

      An idea came to the Amazing Amazon one day aboard the JLA's satellite
      headquarters while Batman was giving a briefing to the JLA on the
      current whereabouts of the Legion of Doom.  Oracle and he had traced
      some emails back to certain servers which pointed to Lex Luthor.  Logic
      and a lot of luck combined with the profound detective skills of the
      two Bats gave hints of the Legion's location, and it was now known that
      they had holed up in one of Lex's supposedly hidden labs.  The odd
      thing was the location of this lab, for instead of being near Lex's
      stomping grounds in Metropolis, it was outside of Gotham City.  Batman
      had to wonder if Lex was trying to rub it in his own nose by having a
      lab in his own neighborhood.

      The Dark Knight Detective had mentioned that his old sometimes friend,
      sometimes lover and other times enemy Catwoman was keeping an eye on
      the comings and goings at the Legion's temporary headquarters.  Eyes
      around the table had gone up upon hearing this, and in particular
      Hawkgirl had asked, "Can Catwoman be trusted, Bruce?"

      Only Superman and Wonder Woman had caught the slight blush and twitch
      of an eye as Batman heard this question.  They were the only members
      who hadn't turned to face Shayera when her voice had sounded.  "Yes,
      for the past year Selina has been on the side of the angels.  But to
      keep other villains from catching on, she and I have set up a few
      targets for her to hit while I do my thing and stop her.  So the public
      and other interested parties still think Catwoman is a feline femme

      Bruce hadn't taken that any further, but Diana had been inspired.  If
      Catwoman was known to be a tried and true villainess to other evil
      doers, perhaps she could actually approach the Legion of Doom and get
      inside their organization.  But just getting Selina in would not be
      enough; Diana doubted Selina knew enough of the Legion's background to
      get as much information as possible.  So, Wonder Woman waited patiently
      for the meeting to adjourn.

      When they broke up, Diana approached Zatanna.  "Zee, I had an idea
      while Batman was giving his briefing.  Follow me to my room so I can
      talk to you in private."

      The raven haired magician noted the hint of conspiracy in the Amazon's
      voice, and quickly moved to be side by side with her.  "Diana, you
      sound like you're getting a bit conniving."

      Diana just turned and gave Zatanna a wink and a grin.  A very
      suspicious grin.  "If we have to wait until we are hidden in your room,
      Princess, why wait?" Zee asked.  "s'anaiD sretrauq."  Both of the
      heroines vanished.

      Wonder Woman was totally nonplused at suddenly finding herself inside
      her room with Zatanna at her side.  She had been magically teleported
      by Zatanna enough times to no longer find it strange.  "Thanks, Zee. 
      Now I can tell you all that much sooner about my idea." 

      Zatanna nodded when the Amazon was finished.  "Seems perfectly doable
      to me, Diana.  Do you think Selina would be willing to go along?"

      "I sure hope so, Zatanna.  Now that I know why she got into that
      catfight with me two months ago but didn't really seem to be trying
      hard, I'm pretty sure she'll do it."

      "Okay," Zee answered, "but if she does, won't it seem more than a bit
      odd to the Legion or other evil doers if they fight the JLA and Wonder
      Woman isn't in their midst?"

      Diana put on a wicked looking grin.  "I thought about that, Zee. 
      Here's what I have in mind..."

      Zatanna giggled.  "Oh my, but wouldn't Kal be surprised if he were to
      find out what you're setting up, Diana!  No doubt, he'd throw a super

      "But if we do this right," Wonder Woman replied, "Superman will never
      know.  Let's go down to Metropolis right now, and see if that part of
      the scenario will work.  Otherwise, we're back to plan B without a plan
      A, and I'll have to come up with some other solution."  Zatanna nodded. 
      Wonder Woman walked over to the comm panel on the wall next to her
      door.  "Flash, do me a favor and tell the others that Zee and I are
      going to Paradise Island for a brief visit."

      "Will do, Diana," Wally answered.  "Taking Zatanna to the island, eh? 
      Don't you two have TOO much fun down there!"

      Zee looked at Diana.  "He really needs to get his mind out of the
      gutter sometimes, doesn't he?"

      Diana actually giggled.  When she recovered, she pressed the button
      again to say, "Don't worry, Wally.  Zatanna will still be hetero when
      we get back."  She burst out laughing once she'd released the talk
      button, and Zee joined her.

      When the laughing died down, Zatanna asked, "Think we should call first
      before popping in?"

      "Good idea, Zee."  Diana changed the setting on the comm panel and in
      moments was more or less at an in orbit cellphone with NO connectivity
      problems.  "Hi, Lois.  This is Wonder Woman.  Any chance Zatanna and I
      could drop in for a few?"

      "Sure, Princess," the star reporter of the Daily Planet replied.  "When
      should I be expecting you?"

      "Would right now be okay?" the Amazon said from directly behind Lois. 
      Zatanna had zapped them both as soon as Lois had said it was okay.

      "Damn, that was fast!" Lois Lane said in surprise. 

      Zee giggled and told Lois, "My magic makes even your boyfriend or the
      JLA telepoters look slow.  Hmm, even Flash is no match for me!"

      Then Wonder Woman put her right hand on Lois' left shoulder.  "Lois, I
      have a big favor to ask.  For a week or two, hopefully no more, I'm not
      going to be able to be with the JLA in any way if what I'm planning
      works out.  Would you be willing to take my place as Wonder Woman for
      the time I'm gone?"

      Lois gasped.  "Be Wonder Woman?  I know we both have long black hair,
      Princess, but you are blessed with a few godly attributes that I'm

      "That's where Zatanna comes in, Lois," the Amazon replied.  "Not only
      can she make you look EXACTLY like me, but she can also use her magic
      to give you all my strength and powers."

      Lois' eyes opened in surprise.  "This would be a change!  Over the
      years I've worn one costume or another and willingly or unwillingly
      taken on the roles of a few heroines and even a few villainesses, but
      this would be the first time I'd actually be the person I was
      impersonating.  I'll have to call the Planet and tell them I'm going to
      be away for a while."

      "Have you got any vacation time," Wonder Woman asked, "or could you say
      you're on a fantastic new story?"

      "This would be one hell of a story, but I'm betting if Superman ever
      found out I'd be in big trouble."

      Diana twisted her lips in thought for a moment, then said, "If I
      transfer some of my memories and thought processes to you, Lois, I
      doubt Superman would have any way of telling you're alongside him. 
      Even J'onn might have difficulty in finding your own identity in your
      mind if we do this right."

      At this, Zatanna interrupted.  "We may have to bring the Martian
      Manhunter in on this, Diana."

      "For the time being, let's not, Zee," Wonder Woman replied.  "Lois, see
      if you can arrange that leave of absence or whatever at the Planet."

      Lois got back on the phone, this time talking to someone a lot closer. 
      "Hi, Perry."

      "Good afternoon, Lois, what's up?"

      "Chief, (on the other end, the older man cringed) I just got a
      fantastic lead to a story that can't be beat.  I don't want even Clark
      to know about this.  Can you tell everybody I took a vacation, so I can
      follow this up?"

      "Don't call me...  Okay, Lois.  If even Clark had asked for this favor
      I doubt I'd be going along, but for you, I'll do it.  I do want the
      story when you get back, of course."

      "That you will, Perry," Lois told him, "that you will.  Thanks a lot,

      "Bye, Lois.  Should I say, have fun?"

      "Don't you know it!  Bye, Perry."

      No sooner had Lois clicked off the phone and set it down, she heard
      a semi-familiar sounding gibberish being said by Zatanna.  Milliseconds
      later, she felt her body expanding and growing taller followed by a
      familiar red, white, blue and gold costume appearing on her now Amazon
      body, along with red and white boots on her feet with heels that made
      her ever taller still.  She also felt as if her own memories and being
      were shunted to the side as the identity of Wonder Woman took over in
      her mind.  She now knew herself to be Princess Diana, but still had her
      own identity as Lois Lane buried deep in her psyche.  She looked at her
      twin.  "Well, if I'm now Wonder Woman, who are you going to be?"

      "The less you have to know," the original told her replacement, "the
      easier it will be to pull off what I have planned...WONDER WOMAN!"

      "But you will tell me all about it when we're finished, won't you?"

      The original Diana grinned.  "You'll probably have it all figured out
      very soon, Lo-  Oops, I almost called you by your old name.  The plan
      I'm working on involves someone you yourself took on the role of, as
      you'd mentioned earlier, Diana.  You'll figure it all out real soon,
      I'm sure."

      "Okay.  Now what?"

      "Wait here for Zatanna to come back and take you up to the satellite,
      Wonder Woman.  She'll be leaving with me in a moment, but she should be
      back soon.  By the way, for the sake of anybody on the satellite, you
      and Zee have just made a brief visit to Paradise Island."

      "And just what kind of fun did we have there?"

      The original Wonder Woman and Zatanna shared a grin.  "You think just
      like Wally West, Diana.  Yes, you COULD have participated in some
      fantastic orgies with your sisters, but you and Zee were just there to
      confer with your Mother."

      The new Wonder Woman was thoroughly enjoying the images in her mind and
      the moistening in her crotch this discussion brought up, and grinned. 
      "Queen Hippolyte is doing just fine right now, isn't she."

      "Yes, I do believe she IS Wonder Woman," Zatanna interjected.  "Just
      wait right here for a bit and I'll be right back, Princess."

      The new Wonder Woman was feeling good in being called Princess when she
      heard Zatanna doing her thing once again, and this time, she and her
      twin disappeared.  Bored for just a moment, she decided to experiment
      with her new powers.  She spun in a familiar motion and after a burst
      of light appeared in the body covering blue dive suit costume.  Another
      spin and burst of light brought forth the identity of Diana Prince. 
      This was really good, she thought.  If she imagined any other forms
      while doing that spin...?  After the next burst of light, Lois Lane was
      once again in her condo.  Inspired, she spun again.  Using memories of
      one of her past forced identities, the burst of light revealed the
      black and purple costume of Catwoman!  This new power was too good to
      be true.  She quickly spun again and finally reappeared as the familiar
      Wonder Woman.  She went over to her (her?) couch and sat down with a
      copy of Newsweek to wait.

      This time Zatanna's magic transported the pair to Gotham City.  Diana
      knew finding a phone would be near impossible, so she had Zee take them
      to the doorstep of the Clock Tower.  Oracle was more than a bit
      surprised to see them suddenly appearing in her sensors, but knew right
      away when she recognized Zatanna.  "Hello, ladies," they heard on the
      speaker next to the door.  "What brings you here to Gotham?"

      "Oracle, I need your help, and I need for you to forget you've given it
      to me once you have," the original Wonder Woman replied.

      "Sounds like you'd better come on up, then," Barbara Gordon, aka Oracle
      told them.  "Both Huntress and Black Canary are out right now, so I'm
      all by myself and my computers."

      A few moments later, the elevator door opened to a sight the two JLA
      members had seen in imagery but never before in person.  The redhead in
      her wheelchair seemed totally dwarfed by the banks of computers and
      communications gear.  "Wow, this is really some setup you have here,
      Babs."  Diana had only found out the true identity of Oracle a year
      before, and became even more in awe of the JLA's primary information
      source.  "Now, Bruce said you were working with Catwoman..."

      A few moments later Babs was in touch with Selina.  "Catwoman, this is

      "Go ahead."

      "I have visitors that wish to see you.  Are you available?"

      "Available for what?"  All three could hear the inflection in Selina's
      voice, and two of them thought she should be grouped with both Wally
      and the new Wonder Woman. 

      "They want to talk.  Where are you now?"

      "Just talk?  Damn.  I'm in my suite, Oracle.  Do I need to get dressed
      up for this?"

      "I don't think so, Catwoman.  But if you're nude, you may wish to put
      on something."

      "You spoil all my fun, Oracle."  Selina was grinning wide.  "Not to
      worry, I'm all dressed up with no place to go."

      "I wish I had video, Catwoman.  Watch for two visitors who will just
      pop into view."

      No sooner had Babs said this than Selina saw Wonder Woman and Zatanna
      appear before her.  "Heh!  They're already here, Oracle."

      Babs looked up to see no sign of her visitors.  "Okay, I'll check back
      with you later, Catwoman."  Then she thought, 'And I need to forget
      that Wonder Woman and Zee were even here...'

      In Selina Kyle's elegant condo, the visitors saw the beautiful raven
      haired woman wearing a metallic gold dress but without what would seem
      to be needed matching heels.  "Now I see what you meant by all dressed
      up, Selina," Wonder Woman said.  "Why so showy?"

      "I was originally going to be attending a function at the Opera House
      this afternoon, but Oracle cued me in to be ready to get close to Lex
      and company.  I didn't feel like getting out of the dress right away,
      so here I am."

      "Selina, I got inspired with a way to get REAL close to Lex and the
      rest of his Legion while Bruce was briefing us earlier today.  So far,
      Lex has no reason to think of you as anything other than another felon,

      Selina gave the Amazon a quizzical look.  "I suppose you're right, they
      wouldn't have any way of knowing how I've been working WITH Batman
      instead of against him.  But why?"

      "I thought of a way for me to get up close and personal with not only
      Lex Luthor but also two of the old enemies of mine that are working
      with him now," Diana replied.  "Selina, if you would go along, I want
      to have Zatanna put you and I together and share your body.  We could
      go to Lex as Catwoman and offer to join his group or otherwise assist
      them.  In the process, I'd be getting all the inside information I'd
      need to let the JLA finally put the Legion out of business."

      Selina's mouth was agape.  "YOU want to join with ME in MY body?" 

      "Yes, I know it sounds far-fetched," the Amazon replied, "but I think
      it's a perfect way to get inside and get up close to both Cheetah and

      "We'd be together in my head?"

      "I know, it seems strange but I think it can work, Selina.  I'd sort of
      be along for the ride, while you would be in charge.  You and I
      together would be Catwoman, with you being the primary motivator."

      "This is really something...okay, I suppose I can manage to still be me
      with you riding along.  You have to promise me that you won't make me
      do anything I don't want to do once you're inside with me."

      "Like I said, Selina, I'm doing this strictly as a rider or spectator. 
      If you will agree to do this, I'll make sure Bruce gets the good word
      eventually, and you'll get even more credit for helping out."

      "Okay, Wonder Woman, I'll do it.  What do I have to do?"

      "Just sit there, Selina.  Zatanna?"

      A spell that Zee had spent a good bit of time working out to make sure
      no slip ups occurred was then spoken.  "...era htob anileS elyK dna
      namowtaC," she finished.

      The image of Wonder Woman disappeared.

      "This is a new perspective, to see and experience being you after being
      in battles with you so many times," Selina said.

      "I presume you're now able to see and fully understand all my
      thoughts," Selina replied.

      'Yes, and let's just converse mentally now so that we don't give away
      that I'm along for the ride, okay?'


      "I am Selina Kyle, Zatanna.  You'd better get out of here.  This is the
      home of the ultra evil feline femme fatale called Catwoman, and unless
      you want to feel the pain of my whip, you'd better go NOW!"

      Zatanna saw the deadly serious look on Selina's face, and didn't dare
      make any kind of reply.  She only hoped it was all an act, and that she
      hadn't somehow screwed up her spell.  "oT rednoW s'namoW ecalp," she
      said, and poofed out of sight.

      'We sure put the fear of death into Zatanna, didn't we.'

      'Yeah, did you see that look on her face?'

      'Time to get ready for work, isn't it?'

      'Indeed, let's get dressed.'

      Off came the gold dress, and in no time Selina Kyle and her rider were
      clad in the black leather costume she'd started using after giving up
      on the purple spandex a few years ago.  Forty minutes later, Catwoman
      was looking into the sensor outside Lex's lair.

      "Well, if it isn't Catwoman.  I'd been wondering when you were going to
      come and join us.  Come on in," said the electronic sounding voice of
      Lex Luthor.

      'Well, here goes.  Just remember, you're along for the ride, and I'm in

      'Yes, Mistress!  Just kidding.'

      'Stay away from some of those memories.'

      'Sorry, I can't stay away.  Your memories are mine, and if you check,
      you'll find that mine are yours, too.'

      After a brief lull, 'Oh, so you and all those other women on Paradise
      Island do have all kinds of fun there...'

      'YOU stay away from THOSE memories!'

      'You know, this is going to be a lot of fun with you and I together!'

      'Time to get to business now, let's not be playing around.'

      After passing through three different security doors, Catwoman walked
      into what looked like a break room.  Lex was standing at the counter
      on the far wall, with a coffee pot in his hands.  Star Sapphire and
      Circe were lounging in deep chairs conversing.  Cheetah was leaning on
      the top of a chair.  "Hi, Lex, long time no see," Catwoman said in

      Lex put down the coffee pot and walked over.  "So, we are to be getting
      the assistance of the premier cat burglar.  I've been wondering why
      when we were so close you haven't come to us any sooner.  I'm not
      taking any chances, so if you're going to be working with us, let's be
      sure you ARE working with us.  Circe?"

      As instructed by Lex as soon as he'd seen Catwoman on the monitor,
      Circe put a freezing spell on the feline felon.  Not as in chilling,
      but as in not being able to move a muscle.

      'What's she doing?'

      'Hell if I know.'

      "Catwoman has been known to be a lover and helper of Batman," Lex said. 
      "But no helper of Batman could ever fight against him.  Sapphire?"

      Suddenly a magenta hued energy field enveloped Catwoman.  "Catwoman is
      pure, unadulterated evil," said Star Sapphire.  "She has no knowledge
      of any good tendencies.  There is only one true Catwoman, the one who
      knows she is an enemy of all that is good.  There is no other mind
      thinking good thoughts, just the mind of the world's most deadly feline
      felon.  Catwoman also is out of costume in black.  Purple is correct."

      The energy field went away.

      There was suddenly no indication of voices talking to each other in
      Selina's mind.  She had but one identity, and she knew just who she
      was - the incredibly evil Catwoman.  And she just loved finding herself
      in figure hugging purple spandex with black thigh high boots and
      shoulder length gloves.  Her one thought was to make as much mayhem as
      possible to help her teammates in the Legion of Doom.

      "Yes, I am Catwoman, the Mistress of Malice.  Meowwwrrrr!"

      "I just knew Catwoman was coming to join us," Lex said.  "Cheetah, get
      Catwoman set up with quarters and get her acquainted with the

      "I've been looking forward to working with another feline felon,"
      Cheetah said as she took Catwoman's black leather clad arm into her
      own.  "We cats have to work together!"

      Somewhere, deep inside Catwoman's mind, a tiny voice said, 'NO!'

      "Yes, we have the claws to keep ourselves scratching, don't we,
      Cheetah!" said Catwoman in a strong voice.

      * * * * *

      Zatanna reappeared in the condo belonging to Lois Lane, only
      momentarily surprising the woman who was now much more Wonder Woman
      than Lois Lane.  "Ah, you're alone, so I presume whatever plan my twin
      had is now in progress, Zatanna?"

      "Yes, and you are now the only Wonder Woman in the world," Zee replied. 
      "From what I saw and heard as I was getting ready to come back here, I
      just hope things are going according to plan.  It seemed like the
      original Diana may have gone further into what she wanted to do than
      she wanted, but she may have been just playing with me."

      Wonder Woman stood.  "Still mum about why I'm the only Wonder Woman
      now, Zee?"

      Zatanna smiled.  "I'm not going to betray Diana's trust, so yes, for
      the time being you'll just have to know that you're who you are now and
      wait to see how things develop to find out why."

      "Okay, I guess that will make this impersonation a lot more fun and
      interesting.  I do have a few detail questions, though."

      "There's no hurry to get back to the satellite, so why don't we sit and
      talk, Diana?" Zee answered.

      "Sure, join me over here."  Both of the women sat casually on the couch. 
      "The bit you did to my mind must be working pretty well, since I reacted
      to being called Diana perfectly normally.  Now, I'm wondering if I need
      to collect any of my own old personal gear from here to take up to the

      "No, at least I don't think so," Zatanna replied.  "Since you are now
      Wonder Woman, you will be using everything in what is now your quarters
      there.  I suppose we can pick up fresh soap and tooth brushes from
      supply if using the older ones seems a bit foreign."

      "That's mostly what I was thinking about, thanks.  Now, more about the
      lack of appearances by Lois Lane.  I found out while you were gone that
      I can use my transformation power to change into Lois again if needed,
      but I think if I...I mean Lois gets in touch with Superman right now to
      let him know she's going away on a special investigation, it might
      reduce the amount of questions."

      "Good idea!  I'd like to see this transformation you mentioned.  I've
      rarely watched Wonder Woman doing that spin bit."

      Wonder Woman stood and moved to the center of the room, then started to
      spin with her arms outstretched.  After the burst of light, Zatanna saw
      Lois Lane standing there.  "What do you think, Zatanna?"

      "WOW!  I was always under the impression that Diana could only go back
      and forth from her costumed identity to her civilian identity using that

      "I think maybe it has something to do with the fact that this is my true
      form that's still known to my mind, Zee," Lois said.  "I found out in
      my trying this that I can alter my look to any form I can picture in my
      memories of myself.  Let me use the phone to call Clark, since using my
      or your JLA communicator would be a bad idea." 

      Zatanna was grinning.  "That ability to transform yourself could come in
      real handy.  Go ahead and call Supes."

      Lois picked up her cellphone and punched the special series of numbers
      she'd been given to connect to the watch desk on the satellite.  It got
      picked up in the middle of the second ring.

      "Hi, Lois.  What's up?" Flash asked.

      "That caller ID you guys have must be pretty handy, Flash.  Is this
      line secure?"

      "You bet it is, on both counts, Lois."

      "Wally, I need to talk to Superman.  Can you get him for me?"

      "Shouldn't be any problem, Lois.  Hang on a sec."

      In less than that second, Flash got up from the desk and zoomed through
      the satellite until he found the Kryptonian hero chatting with Martian
      Manhunter in the rec room.  "Kal, Lois is on the special phone line. 
      She's on hold back at the desk."

      "Thanks, Wally," Superman said while standing.  "Sorry, J'onn, I'll be
      back in a few minutes."

      "Take your time, Kal," J'onn said.  "I know how Lois can get sometimes."

      The Man of Steel grinned.  "That's why I love Lois, J'onn.  I wonder
      what she's getting into now?  Only one way to find out.  Wally, I'd race
      you back to the desk, but I think it's best if you get back and tell
      Lois I'll be there in just a moment."

      Flash winked, then turned and disappeared in a blur.  When he got to the
      watch desk the Scarlet Speedster clicked the button and said, "Lois,
      the man of your life is on the way.  I know he can fly faster than I
      run, but I guess he's more cautious about zooming around in the

      Lois had placed the phone in a hands off mode while she was waiting, and
      both she and Zatanna smiled when they heard Wally's remark.  Both knew,
      in Lois' case twice over, about Wally West's almost juvenile attitudes
      and demeanor.  "I am glad Clark's not racing you in those tight spaces,
      Wally," Lois said as Zatanna worked to keep her lips sealed.

      Moments later, Lois heard a deeper and more familiar voice.  "Hi, Lois,
      what's up?"

      "Clark, I just arranged with Perry to take a couple of weeks off.  I
      don't know how I'm going to manage with not having you close by, but I
      need to get some things done all by myself."

      "Lois, I know you better than that.  What have you gotten into now?"

      "None of your business, Smallville.  Just don't worry about me until you
      hear from me again in a few weeks.  Even if I end up in a perilous
      situation, I don't want to have the Man of Steel streaking to my

      Wally saw Kal's eyebrows rise.  "Okay, Lois, if you insist.  If you end
      with the story of the year I'll be jealous.  It'll be hard not being
      your guardian angel until I hear from you again."

      "I doubt very much you'll have to worry about coming to my rescue," Lois
      replied.  "I'll either watch for you at the Planet or give you a call if
      you're not here when I get back."

      "Okay, Lois.  Be careful, and I guess I should say have fun."

      "I will, Clark and thanks.  Bye!"

      "Bye, Lois."

      The Man of Steel saw Wally looking at him with a goofy expression.  "I
      know, Wally.  Lois is up to something, but I'll wait and see for the
      time being.  That's what I like about her, I guess.  Lois is just so

      "I'm glad she's your girlfriend and not mine, Kal," Flash replied.  "I'd
      never be able to keep up with her!"

      Superman was going to challenge that, but just grinned at Wally.  Both
      knew the younger man was probably right.

      Back in the condo, Lois did her spin back into Wonder Woman right after
      shutting off the phone.  "Now then, Zatanna, let's get back up to the
      satellite to tell everybody about our quick visit to see my Mom and the
      other Amazons on Paradise Island."

      Zee did her thing, and moments later Flash watched as Wonder Woman and
      Zatanna blinked into view at the desk.  The two women joined Superman in
      a casual walk back to the rec room, where an animated discussion soon
      ensued about the latest things going on at the Amazon's home.

      continued in part 2
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