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Re: Story: Lois Lane, Assassin 1/3

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  • Joel Cerio
    I am enjoying the story so far. Executrix was a cool name for the villainess. I liked the creative idea of the Women in Journalism awards ceremony and the
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 2, 2003
      I am enjoying the story so far. Executrix was a cool name for the
      villainess. I liked the creative idea of the Women in Journalism
      awards ceremony and the hotel setting. Before your story I was
      unfamiliar with the Fearsome Five or Psimon, which added an air of
      mystery. You made good use of dialogue among the female reporters.
      Please pardon the delay in my response, but I have been low on free
      time. I look forward to reading the second and third parts asap.

      --- In dccomicscharacters@yahoogroups.com, szink22446@a... wrote:
      > The following story contains characters owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros.
      > It is written as a fanfic parody story not intended to make any use of
      > actual story lines in published books. The story is purely for fun,
      > with no profit to be made by the author. It is free to be archived on
      > any site wishing to do so, provided the author is given proper credit.
      > Lois Lane...Assassin
      > by Steve Zink
      > from 'Deus Ex Machina' by libbylawrence
      > Part 1
      > Clark Kent smiled as he entered the Daily Planet building. Even though
      > his super senses of sight and hearing allowed the mild mannered
      > reporter in the blue suit to notice an almost infinite array of details
      > as he gazed around the busy city room, he relished all he saw and heard.
      > He truly enjoyed his job, and felt as if the great Metropolitan
      > newspaper was a second home to him.
      > A young man with red hair and freckles glanced up from his own work to
      > greet his pal as Kent drew closer to the other workers. "Clark! That
      > was a nice piece you did on the possible reformation of the 1000.
      > Nobody has really followed up on them since they used Metallo against
      > Superman and Cannonball a while back!" said Jimmy Olsen.
      > Clark nodded modestly and replied, "Thanks, Jim. I'd say that criminal
      > group may indeed be up to their old tricks. Some of their old bosses
      > are out of jail and have returned to the city. That can't be good news
      > for honest citizens!"
      > Before Jimmy could reply, a pretty woman with dark black hair and a
      > vivacious manner hurried out of the office of Planet editor Perry White.
      > Lois Lane wore a short black dress with heels and she waved in passing
      > as she crossed the large room. "Like the Beatles sang, Hello, Good-bye!
      > I'm late for my flight to Boston. I can't afford to be late for my own
      > tribute!" she said.
      > Clark said, "Congratulations, again! We're all proud of you."
      > Jimmy nodded and said, "Yeah, Lois deserves that Women in Journalism
      > Award for a lot of reasons in addition to her sensational story on the
      > Invasion!"
      > Lois shrugged and said, "Thanks, fellows. That story was pretty
      > special to me. I'm flattered the Women in Journalism group picked it
      > as Outstanding Story of the Year."
      > A sultry redheaded woman in a short pink skirt and white blouse leaned
      > into the doorway and said, "C'mon, Luv. I'm not about to share the
      > flight out with Rona. I mean, how many times can she crow about her
      > win for that gossipy story she did on 'Super Hero Romances'!"
      > Lois turned and replied, "Okay, Lana! I'll just grab my bag and join
      > you!"
      > Lois scampered over to her desk to grab the large, soft bag she'd
      > packed the night before and the hang up bag with all her gowns and
      > dresses. Her hand reached for the handle of the soft bag, but halted
      > briefly as she thought, 'I don't remember stuffing it this full last
      > night. Oh, well.' Hesitations or not, Lois grabbed the handle and
      > hefted the bag, noticing that it wasn't just bulging more, but also
      > now weighed a lot more than she remembered. She picked up the hang up
      > bag, then turned to go join Lana.
      > Lois and Lana Lang exited from the room and Clark leaned over to Jimmy.
      > "Well, I hope Boston is ready for those two! Trouble can follow them,
      > as well you know!" he said.
      > "Right!" Jimmy replied. "Too bad for Trouble, they can usually handle
      > almost anything! Plus, I'm sure Superman will check in on them if they
      > do need help."
      > Clark nodded in agreement. "Right."
      > He was amused at Jim's deft handling of the fact that he now knew
      > Superman was really Clark Kent. He had proven to be very useful to
      > Clark in helping him keep that fact a secret since he first admitted
      > that he had learned the truth.
      > The two friends walked over to the windows and gazed down as Lois and
      > Lana emerged below and hailed a taxi.
      > 'I hope they have a good time. I doubt very much could go wrong at a
      > respectable banquet like that,' thought Clark.
      > * * * * *
      > Power of a different kind, or the lack of said power, was troubling
      > another very different man as he brooded over a beer or three in a
      > Boston bar.
      > He leaned over the counter and said, "I could use another!"
      > An elegantly demure blonde waitress gazed at him with a perceptive if
      > dismissive glance.
      > "I'm sorry sir, but I think you've had enough for this...month!" she
      > said.
      > He nodded and stood up on unsteady feet.
      > "Yeah, thanks...Kelly, is it? Kelly Kelly! What a strange name!" he
      > said as he stumbled out of the bar and ran a hand through his long,
      > straggly red hair.
      > "Well, Len, you've worn out your welcome at another bar. Just what is
      > there to do when you're a balding stud without a friend or dime to his
      > name?" he said.
      > He staggered down the sidewalk and gazed up at the plush Boston Arms
      > Hotel.
      > "Man! I could do with a good night's rest in a pace like that, but my
      > bedbugs have bedbugs so I doubt they would welcome me with open arms!"
      > "Welcome, Women In Journalism!" he read as he looked at a sign on the
      > hotel's wall.
      > "Sorry, Newsbabes, but I guess you'll have to do without my company!"
      > he said.
      > As he made his way down the street, a folded black object fell out of
      > his pocket. He never noticed, and swiftly left the hotel and a bit of
      > destiny behind!
      > * * * * *
      > At the Boston Arms, dozens of well-known female journalists from print
      > and broadcast media mingled at the Women in Journalism pre-awards
      > social. The elegantly decorated ballroom was filled with famous women
      > whose bylines or images had graced hundreds of papers and screens.
      > Central City's Linda Park looked around the room with a certain air of
      > cynicism. She wore a long green gown with high heels and she tried to
      > conceal the fact that she was more than a little dismissive of the
      > entire affair. 'The same dinosaurs get honored every year. Lois Lane,
      > Lana Lang, Vicki Vale, the late Iris Allen! Those same names have
      > always dominated this thing. If it's a TV award, Leggy Lana gets it.
      > If it's a print award, Superman's Girlfriend Lois gets it. The photo
      > field has always been divided between Batman's special gal Vicki Vale
      > and Iris Allen, who kept company with the Ringmaster and the Flash in
      > her day!' she thought.
      > 'The Flash! I thought for a while that I was going to use him for a
      > ticket to the top, but that just didn't pan out!' she thought.
      > She frowned as the sexy Lana Lang entered in a red beaded gown and high
      > heels.
      > "Well, she sure caught everyone's eye!" said a black woman in a blue
      > dress.
      > "Tawny Young? I think I've seen your stuff from out West!" said Linda
      > as she turned to face the speaker.
      > "I broke the story on Green Lantern," Tawny replied. "The second GL, I
      > mean. "
      > Linda nodded and said, "I like your style. Very hip, very incisive!"
      > Tawny rolled her eyes as a very pretty woman with long auburn hair
      > styled in a fluffy do entered in a demure pink gown. "Who's the Prom
      > Queen? She looks like she just stepped off a Homecoming Float!"
      > "I don't know her either!" said Linda.
      > The "Prom Queen" was smiling happily as she greeted a stunningly clad
      > Lois Lane, who wore a sparkly black gown and heels.
      > "Miss Lane? I'm Megan O'Dell. I admire you so much!" gushed the
      > younger woman.
      > Lois smiled and said, "Megan? I think I've seen a few of your pieces
      > on the Blue Devil! I think you have a real eye for a story!"
      > "Well," replied Megan, "the Blue Devil seems to attract the strangest
      > elements. I never know when a story about him will lead to an alien
      > invasion or a mad gnome attack!"
      > The lilac-clad, dark haired Olivia Ortega of Gotham City listened as
      > she drew closer to the pair. She said, "It's not like that in Gotham
      > City. Batman leads to trouble, but rarely does he mix it up with space
      > aliens or vampires!"
      > Lois laughed and said, "But, working in Gotham City puts a girl at risk
      > of ending up frozen in ice or tied to a giant flaming umbrella or
      > something!"
      > Just then a hotel attendant approached Lois and passed a note to her.
      > "Lois, meet me in your room. I've got something you need to see." It
      > was unsigned. Lois put the note in her purse, then with a wave said,
      > "Gotta go back to my room for a minute or two, ladies. I'll get back
      > with you in a little bit." Her departure went almost completely
      > unnoticed.
      > A soft whistle passed the lips of the slightly tacky Vicki Vale as she
      > saw a blonde in a silver mini dress and strappy heels enter. "Cat
      > Grant! She is all body and no brains!"
      > "Oh, don't judge a book by its cover!" said the pretty, auburn haired
      > Joan Lincoln.
      > Vicki nodded and placed one hand on Joan's bare arm. "Sorry. That was
      > a bit catty! Excuse the expression!"
      > "Forgive me for being so serious," answered Joan. "I've just gotten
      > back from Markovia and the perils and hardships those brave people face
      > with their heroic ruler, makes me get a bit sober!"
      > A pretty woman in a light blue gown that revealed a lot of leg swept
      > into the room and smiled winningly. "Markovia? Isn't that home to
      > that gorgeous Geo-Force? We simply must talk!" said Lola Barnett.
      > At that moment, Lois was unlocking her room door, wondering how anyone
      > else could get in to meet her there. The opened door revealed nothing,
      > for her room was totally unlit. As soon as she'd turned on the light
      > and locked the door behind her, the answer to her question suddenly
      > popped into view.
      > "Who are you- oh, wait. I've seen reports about you and the Fearsome
      > Five from a couple of years ago. You're Psimon, aren't you?"
      > "Yes, indeed, Ms. Lane. I am Psimon, and if you were wondering about
      > your heavier and more bulging bag earlier today, I took the liberty of
      > adding a good bit to it while no one was watching. Why don't you unzip
      > the middle portion and take a look at what I added?"
      > From what she'd heard about this villain, Lois knew he could have just
      > materialized anything into her bag. She also knew he could easily make
      > her do anything, so why was he toying with her like this? Out of
      > curiosity, she walked over to the bag next to the bed and placed it on
      > top of the bed. After opening it up, she unzipped the inner portion.
      > "What the- How did all this weaponry possibly get in here, let alone
      > get through all the airport security? And what's with this red latex
      > catsuit and red boots in with the weapons? My God, look at the heels
      > on these things!"
      > "Like I said, I added all of that to your bag earlier today. As you
      > probably know, I can materialize anything almost anywhere. The
      > weaponry is all going to be put to good use. The red costume with it
      > is to be worn by the evil to the core villainess and felonious femme
      > fatale called Executrix, the latest member of the newly reformed
      > Fearsome Five. And why do you suppose Executrix's costume is in your
      > bag, Ms. Lane?"
      > "Did you put it there in order to get it into the hotel and ceremony
      > area without question? And if so, when is this Executrix, as you call
      > her, supposed to come here and get her gear?"
      > "Of course it was to get it all here without question," Psimon
      > answered, as if talking to an ignorant youngster. "And Executrix is
      > already here."
      > "What do you mean? Where?" Lois asked as she looked all around herself.
      > "Look at the mirror over the desk, Ms. Lane."
      > Lois found she had to do as instructed. Something, or rather someone
      > named Psimon was in her head forcing her to do so.
      > "Do you see the face in that mirror, Ms. Lane?"
      > "Yes, of course. That's my face."
      > "Study that face as I give your mind a bit of enlightenment," Psimon
      > ordered.
      > A bit more than a minute later, as Lois continued to stare unblinking
      > at her own image, Psimon said, "Do you still see the face in the
      > mirror?"
      > "What a stupid question. It's the same face I've been staring at for
      > the last minute or two, and seeing in mirrors for all my life!"
      > "Now, keep watching that face, Ms. Lane. It's important that you know
      > exactly who you're seeing. As of right now, you are no longer just
      > Lois Lane."
      > Psimon used his mental powers, and activated the identity he'd placed
      > in Lois's mind a moment before. "Now then, whose face do you see in
      > the mirror?"
      > "Psimon, you silly boy, of course that's the face of Lois Lane. But
      > along with some makeup, my red wig and my mask, it's also the face of
      > the most evil and malicious assassin the world has ever seen. Suitably
      > changed, this is the face of Executrix!"
      > Psimon grinned wickedly. All was now in readiness for the debut of the
      > Fearsome Five's newest villainess. "Just remember, Executrix, you have
      > to hide yourself behind the good girl identity of Lois Lane whenever
      > you aren't on the job. No need to hide as of right now, though,
      > because tonight you're on the job."
      > "Okay, Psimon, just give me a moment to change. Who's my target for
      > tonight?" asked the woman who still looked like Lois but now had an
      > evil look to her face and a voice lower and more vile.
      > "Multiple targets, my dear Executrix. Every single lady here for this
      > awards ceremony has a price on her head from the 1000. I wouldn't
      > recommend killing them all at once, though."
      > By now the woman who had been Lois Lane had taken all the weapons from
      > the bag that had seemed to bulge and be heavier than she'd expected and
      > pulled out her red costume. She made quick work of removing her black
      > dress shoes with their four-inch heels and the shimmering black gown,
      > putting each into the closet. Then she peeled off her taupe pantyhose
      > and removed her bra, leaving her appropriately minimal pink panties as
      > the only clothing on her body. She picked up the catsuit and sat on
      > the edge of the bed to slide her legs into the shiny red latex, then
      > pulled the sleeveless top up over her chest and tied it off behind her
      > neck. She laced the fully seven-inch stiletto heeled thigh high red
      > leather boots with white edging along the top and down the front
      > tightly to her legs, putting her almost on her toes, then pulled the
      > fingerless red leather gloves up past her elbows. The diamond
      > encrusted wide bracelets were then attached to her wrists.
      > Executrix then went to the mirror in the bathroom to make some careful
      > changes to her eyes and cheeks with makeup, not even noticing as she
      > walked not only with smooth, feline grace but also a very sexy sway in
      > her ultra high heels thanks to the increase in her agility and bearing
      > given by Psimon. This done, she pulled the long red wig on over her
      > black hair. She took the waist length red hair and wound it up on top
      > of her head, then secured it with another diamond encrusted band to
      > match the bracelets. Then she placed the red domino mask over her eyes
      > and pulled the elastic band back over her head. Satisfied with her now
      > totally different and incredibly evil look, she didn't even notice that
      > she was still wearing the same earrings she'd been wearing all evening.
      > She walked back out and pulled the two weapons belts on over her hips,
      > then Executrix secured the shoulder strap over her left shoulder. To
      > these were added her weapons of choice for the evening, an automatic
      > pistol, a foot long dagger, and her laser sighted sniper rifle that
      > fired state of the art energy bolts, not traditional bullets. "Okay,
      > Psimon. I'm ready to rock. I don't want to have to turn back into
      > Lois anytime soon. In fact, how about finding some chick we can make
      > look like Lois that I can knock off, then I won't have to worry about
      > my soft sister ever again."
      > "Good idea, Executrix. I'll see if I can arrange that for you. Good
      > hunting, my dear!" Then, as suddenly as he'd appeared, Psimon
      > disappeared from the room.
      > Executrix grinned wickedly, then turned off the light and left the
      > room, careful to avoid any attention.
      > The famous women mingled and joked and fawned and sneered as the
      > evening passed, nobody even noticing the lack of Lois Lane, and then as
      > many of them made their way back and forth in and out of the ballroom,
      > a very differently garbed woman appeared.
      > Outside the ballroom, a lithe woman in a tight red latex costume and
      > thigh high, incredibly high heeled boots and opera length gloves
      > waited in the shadows.
      > 'Executrix will collect a nice sum for blowing all these busybodies
      > away! The 1000 will pay me well to end the careers of snoops like
      > Vicki Vale and Lana Lang!' she thought. 'Heh! And I bet they'll give
      > me a fortune for killing Lois Lane. I can't wait...'
      > Before she could raise the multiple weapons that were strapped to her
      > back or hips, Executrix heard a sound and whirled around in a battle
      > stance, her dagger bared.
      > 'Nothing! I must be getting nerves!' she thought as she returned to
      > her previous position.
      > Above her in the shadows of a stairwell, another woman with red hair
      > watched the crowd in silence. She wore a daring red gown and fingered
      > something soft and black in her clinched fists.
      > * * * * *
      > Moments later, Lana Lang had gone back to her room and placed the
      > entrancing piece of black cloth on the dresser. She was alone on a
      > terrace in a bit of uncharacteristic melancholy. She had long ago
      > given up on a romance with Superman even though she had been linked to
      > him during their teen days in Smallville. She had moved on to a
      > romance with fellow Smallville native Clark Kent, but that too had
      > ended rather suddenly without much of a closure. Between those
      > romantic idylls she had fallen for another hero from space, but the
      > noble Vartox had been a truly tragic figure doomed to lose more than
      > one planet and more than one lover until he had settled on Earth and
      > married the fiery alien Maxima.
      > Lana had hardly been sitting home alone since then, but she was alone
      > now, and she longed for some romantic companionship.
      > She was pouting rather prettily when a glint off something silvery
      > caught her eyes. The pretty redhead turned and a second later a bolt
      > of energy sliced by her ear. She dropped to the floor and waited, but
      > nothing else happened.
      > She stood up and made her way across the terrace to an adjoining
      > terrace where the fired beam had likely originated.
      > She was a reporter with experience and courage and a powerful need to
      > know! She soon realized that there was no sign of her attacker. Then,
      > as she glanced around the narrow terrace, she saw a shiny bead.
      > Lana picked it up and frowned as her keen mind recognized it. The
      > decorative bead had to have fallen off one of the earrings worn by her
      > friend, Lois Lane.
      > "What would Lois have been doing out here?" she mused as she returned
      > inside and felt a chill wind sweep across the empty terrace. Something
      > drew Lana to pick up the piece of black cloth she'd found earlier.
      > Moments later, Lana's room was once again empty.
      > In an alley nearby, the red costumed Executrix removed her mask and a
      > flowing red wig to expose dark black hair in disgust.
      > "I'll get her next time! That's a promise! I'd have had her if that
      > bitch's reflexes weren't so damned good," she said. Still pissed, she
      > found a car window in which she could see her reflection and placed the
      > red wig back onto her head, followed by her mask. She couldn't let
      > anyone see her in her costume but with the face and hair of Lois Lane
      > showing. After doing some more scouting and catching some hoped for
      > targets of opportunity, she planned to go back to the room and catch a
      > quick catnap, then get back to work the next morning.
      > Twice while scouting for targets, Executrix caught brief glimpses of a
      > quickly moving black and red garbed, very feminine figure with a black
      > hood covering her head. Since she had no idea if this was a friend or
      > foe, Executrix just observed and avoided the newcomer.
      > continued in part 2
    • szink22446@aol.com
      In a message dated 12/2/03 11:52:47 PM Eastern Standard Time, ... Thanks, Joel. I can t take credit for the setting nor the dialogue. As I said in the intro,
      Message 2 of 3 , Dec 2, 2003
        In a message dated 12/2/03 11:52:47 PM Eastern Standard Time,
        joelcerio@... writes:

        >I am enjoying the story so far. Executrix was a cool name for the
        >villainess. I liked the creative idea of the Women in Journalism
        >awards ceremony and the hotel setting. Before your story I was
        >unfamiliar with the Fearsome Five or Psimon, which added an air
        >of mystery. You made good use of dialogue among the female
        >reporters. Please pardon the delay in my response, but I have
        >been low on free time. I look forward to reading the second and
        >third parts asap.

        Thanks, Joel. I can't take credit for the setting nor the dialogue.
        As I said in the intro, I lifted a lot of this story from the original
        one written by libbylawrence. I do have permission to use that
        story both paraphrased and word for word.

        I got started on adding more to that story last weekend, and
        found a few details that needed changing. I'll be doing more
        with the story soon, I hope.

        Psimon and the Fearsome Five were in the Teen Titans during
        the early to mid 80s. With all the changes that came about
        after Crisis, they more or less disappeared. Psimon himself
        was killed during Crisis. One of the girls in the Five, Jinx, was
        brought back by Phil Jimenez in WW179 as a member of the
        new sextet of femme fatales, the reincarnated Villainy, Inc.

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