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Story: Wonder Woman & the JLA - Momentous Identity Problems 19/??

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    This is a resend of 19 since I made a change to how Flash opted to be changed into a female to go to Themyscira, and Inza s reaction. Wonder Woman & the JLA -
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 4, 2007
      This is a resend of 19 since I made a change to how Flash opted to
      be changed into a female to go to Themyscira, and Inza's reaction.

      Wonder Woman & the JLA - Momentous Identity Problems
      by SteveZ

      Part 19


      ...and appeared right in front of Dr. Psycho.  He was forbidden to
      talk, so could only show the shock on his face upon seeing Wonder Woman.

      "You made me turn back into Cheetah this morning, Psycho, but I'm back
      to being Wonder Woman.  Let's get him into a cell to make him real
      comfy," she said while turning from the hideous dwarf to the others
      around her.  "Heh, and maybe we should consider something more for
      Psycho.  Since the regular justice system doesn't seem to keep him out
      of trouble, maybe we should think about using his own extractor on him
      to change him into another identity and at the same time totally change
      his mind."

      "I agree," said Yvonne, "there's nothing more to get from him now.  But
      using the extractor on him?  That might be a bit extreme.  Just the
      cell for now.  Kyle, wanna do the honors?"

      Green Lantern nodded.  "Sure thing, Yvonne."  His ring flared, and a
      big green energy hand picked up the dwarf villain to be locked up until
      transfer to an Earthly jail.

      While Kyle was doing that, Diana said, "If you want, I could summon
      Pixie when Lantern is on the way back, and in the process you could get
      into her mind and remove the urge to be a criminal."

      "I don't know, Diana," Yvonne replied.  "Presuming Pixie's ring is as
      powerful as Kyle's, we may not be able to stop her."

      At this point Aquaman said, "Uh, could somebody please tell us who
      Pixie is, and how she could have a ring just as powerful as Kyle's?"

      Wonder Woman chuckled.  "It's easier to show than explain, Arthur. 
      Earlier today, when Kyle first got to my place, I was Cheetah, not
      Wonder Woman.  I made Kyle use his ring to change himself into a tiny
      villainess called Pixie."

      At this point a puzzled Hawkgirl walked into the conversation, and
      seeing a wicked looking Wonder Woman in unbelievably high heeled thigh
      high boots and a couple of unfamiliar black clad females who seemed to
      fit right in made Shayera just want to observe and listen for a moment.

      "I'm pretty sure we can get into her mind before she can put her ring
      to use," Yvonne said.  "That does sound like a good way to get rid of
      yet another villainess hidden in our midst."

      The Amazon nodded her head, then said, "Get ready, here he comes."  She
      used her own mental powers to send the message to Green Lantern that
      Cheetah would have done, and instead of the usual emerald ring bearer
      everyone was expecting to see come around the corner, the toy sized
      Pixie flew into view.  She was alarmed when she saw all the heroes
      instead of her boss, Cheetah.  Before she could have her ring even put
      up a shield, Pixie found her mind being assaulted by three powerful
      psyches.  Moments later, Pixie knew she was not a villainess but the
      tiny heroine form used by her bigger male self when the situation

      "Hi, everybody!" said the tiny but sexy voice.  She realized how
      difficult it was for the others to hear her and used her ring to make
      an amplifier.  "Hi, everybody!  This better?"  A couple of shocked
      heads nodded.  Then Pixie figured her full sized voice would be easier
      than the little green amp and expanded to full size, still a foot
      shorter than her male form.  "I hope you don't mind my coming back like
      this.  I just wanted to show you my Tinkerbelle sized form.  Same ring,
      smaller target.  Bigger target now, of course.  Bet I look a lot like
      She-Hulk now, though not as tall or muscular."

      Wally was gaping at the new, first miniature and then full sized female
      form of his friend.  "Kyle, I can't believe this!  You're happy being
      like this?"

      She giggled.  "Sure, Wally.  Why shouldn't I be?  But if it bothers
      you..."  Pixie activated her ring, and then in her place stood the
      normal looking and taller Green Lantern.  "This better, now?" asked a
      more familiar male voice.

      Yvonne grinned, "Now there's four of us here in or capable of getting
      into female bodies, Kyle.  Since we're used to the way you look as
      Lantern, stay that way unless there's a need for Pixie, okay?"

      "Of course, Yvonne," Kyle answered.  "And I hope you can get back to
      your own male identity soon.  It's not the same without Superman."

      Her patience wearing thin, Shayera finally broke in.  "Ashley told me
      you all had returned, but not anything about all the changes I'm

      The winged heroine was reintroduced to her changed teammates and given
      a brief rundown on how the changes took place.  It was more than a
      little hard to accept, but when they finished she said, "Black Canary
      got bored after we came back and went Earthside.  Dinah seemed a little
      strange herself ever since the teleport to Themyscira, but being amongst
      all those Amazons was unsettling for me, so maybe she was affected the
      same way."  Then she shook her head.  "Is that really you, Superman?"

      Inza cut off any reply from the ex-Man of Steel.  "That reminds me,
      it's time to sit down with both you and Raven, Yvonne.  Let's use my
      room."  The two girls in black nodded, and all three took the Inza
      express method of getting into her room.

      As soon as they were gone, Flash asked Aquaman, "Arthur, you saw the
      way that black hood worked on Yvonne back at the condo, and I saw the
      way it was also used on Raven.  Do you think it might be possible to
      use that hood to change the real Diana from her evil form the Parody
      Pulsator gave her back to her true identity to help the Amazons?"

      Wonder Woman broke in, saying, "What hood, Wally?"

      Flash reached into his right boot to pull out the first of the two
      hoods he'd stashed while at Wayne Manor.  "This one, Diana.  Joker made
      it to take over the mind of Batgirl and turn her into another of his
      accomplices.  It was supposed to go with that costume you see Raven
      wearing.  It seems to shut down the identity of its wearer and allow
      instructions for a new identity to be given."

      Aquaman came in with, "That might work, Wally.  If it was put over her
      head and Diana was then told she was not an evil person but the heroine
      we know, it just might work where even the lasso wouldn't.  Wait until
      Inza and the others get back out here."

      They didn't have long to wait.  It was only a few minutes later that
      Inza and the two blondes in black zapped back into view.  "Ladies, tell
      the others who you are," the mage said.

      "I'm still Yvonne, but at least now I also know that I'm really
      Kal-El," the first one said.  "Thanks to Inza I still know all about
      who I really am.  But while I do know I'm Kal, as long as I'm in this
      form I wish to be called Yvonne, and more fully Dr. Yvonne Simons." 
      She also still had her identity as Yvonne the bimbo, but since Inza
      had buried it pretty deep in her psyche earlier she didn't know about

      The other then said, "I had no problem with knowing that I'm actually
      Bruce Wayne and Batman, but Inza has given me a much surer basis for
      who I am as Raven."  She kept to herself the fact that a still dormant
      vibrator occupied her pussy inside the zipped closed catsuit she was
      wearing.  "At least for now, I want to stay in this female body Inza
      magically made for me.  Until I change back to Batman, like Yvonne I
      want to be known by my female identity as Raven Demonica."  And in her
      head, she added, 'Mistress Demonica.'

      True to his name, Flash was first to reply.  "Yvonne, I can see why
      you're using that name since you're stuck in that body until we find a
      solution.  But Raven, I find it hard to believe you're preferring to
      stay in that form when Inza could easily change you back at any time."

      "No good answer, Wally," Raven replied.  "I just feel more comfortable
      around Yvonne like this, I guess.  Kal and I always were the World's
      Finest, and this way we're still a team of a different sort."

      Aquaman snuck in with, "While you three were in Inza's room, Wally came
      up with an idea to help Diana's Amazon sisters change her back to a
      heroine from the evil identity she got.  Inza, what do you think of you
      using your mental powers to monitor while one of those black hoods
      erases her evil identity and then plants her original identity to take

      Wonder Woman broke in before Dr. Fate could answer.  "Not to brag, but
      I think my own mental powers are stronger than Inza's."

      "But I think I know why Arthur asked me and not you, Diana," Fate
      replied.  "Even with your Martian Manhunter shape changing ability
      added to your mental powers, the similarity of your current mental
      makeup to the original Diana's is too close.  I wouldn't want to risk
      any backlash.  Now then, if I was to go to Themyscira I'd need some
      help to work with that hood.  Wally, you helped me before and know just
      what to do.  Would you be willing to come with me to try and help

      "Sure I would," Flash replied.  "Why wouldn't I?"

      "I think I know, Wally," Raven said.  "Let me guess, Inza.  To bring
      Wally with you, we'd have to get yet another of us into a female body."

      "Exactly, Raven.  Wally, you and Arthur are about the only guys left in
      the group up here who haven't been transformed in any way.  Would you
      be willing to let me turn you into a female Flash just long enough for
      this visit to Themyscira?"

      "Now, wait just a minute," Wally muttered.  Then he considered what was
      called for and said, "Just for this visit with the Amazons, right,
      Inza?  No extended time when we get back or anything like that?"

      "Remember, Wally, this is just my own choice," Raven said.  "It has
      nothing to do with anything Inza did."

      "Exactly, Wally," Fate added.  "I can change you just before we leave,
      and then change you back as soon as we're off Amazon territory. 
      Willing to sample what Kal, Bruce, J'onn and Kyle have experienced?"

      Flash was shaking his head in disbelief as he replied, "Oh, what have I
      got to lose?  This can hopefully help Diana, so I'll do it, Inza."

      "Thanks, Wally.  Options for you - hair streaming out the back of your
      cowl or stuffed up inside?  Good looking figure, or just a generic
      female form?  Lastly, I'm betting that for your high speed sprinting,
      heels on your boots would be better at putting you on your toes than
      flat heeled boots."

      Wally thought for a moment, trying to picture this in his head, then
      said, "Shoulder blade length hair coming out from the back of my cowl,
      but to make it more impressive looking for the Amazons, how about hair
      in my Uncle Barry's golden blonde color instead of my red hair, please. 
      Might as well go for broke and say a really good figure sort of like
      what Raven did so the Amazons will be impressed.  And your bet would
      win.  You don't want to know how many times I've heard Jesse Quick
      bemoaning the fact that her boots have flat heels."

      "Okay, Wally.  Red hair is sexy in its own right, just think of the
      Amazon named Artemis.  But with your scarlet red costume, I think the
      choice of golden blonde is a good one.  Want me to change you right
      here or away from the others?"

      "Why waste time, Inza?  Go ahead and do it right here," Wally replied,
      still wondering what he was doing.

      In the blink of an eye, the Flash all his teammates were used to seeing
      was replaced by a female version with a figure to nearly match
      Raven's.  The lower part of her face still showing below her red cowl's
      mask had a cute little nose and very kissable lips.  What could be seen
      of her eyes made it obvious she really had nothing to hide if it
      weren't for security.  Her already statuesque form and height were
      enhanced by the shapely four-inch heels on her golden yellow boots. 
      One noticeably different part of her costume was the yellow lightning
      bolt that normally went all the way around Flash's waist, looking like
      a belt.  Now it didn't connect in front, and each side came down off
      her hips curving to point toward the camel toe visible in her crotch.

      The changed Wally looked down upon the massive twin red globes sticking
      out over her chest and thought just how much she would have appreciated
      seeing breasts of this size on any woman she'd have seen as a guy, then
      said, "Looks like I'm way more than legit for a visit to Themyscira,
      Inza.  I've even got a voice to match this sexy body.  You don't mess
      around, do you?"

      "I aim to please, Wally.  Oops, Wally doesn't sound right anymore.  Any

      "Just Flash, okay?" she replied.  "I don't want to get into picking a
      female name if I'm only going to look like this for a quick visit."

      "Flash it is," Inza said.  "You've got what, one or both of the hoods
      tucked into your boots?"

      "Both.  Want me to leave one here or bring them both along?"

      "Bring 'em both, Flash.  If nothing else, it reduces the chances of
      anyone else getting into one."

      "In that case, I'm ready to go whenever you are, Inza."  Both
      disappeared a moment later.

      Gotham City

      A brand new nightclub was in its final stages of preparation for the
      grand opening during the upcoming rush hour.  Katie Telic was a just
      over five foot woman with wavy brown hair parted slightly to the left
      of center and looking very good for a forty-year old with bright blue
      eyes.  She was the cousin of Gotham City's mayor Jim Ryan, and had
      found the building up for sale back during the summer.  She had worked
      very hard to rework the interior so that they'd be ready before
      Halloween.  As it was, the new club she called Gata's came in ahead of
      schedule and was now ready for its grand opening three weeks before
      Halloween.  Besides the last few workers doing touch ups, the six main
      attractions she'd hired were all chipping in by adding their personal
      touches to the stages.  In addition to her cousin's daughter,
      twenty-year old Rhianon Ryan, Katie had auditioned for four back up
      singers and the winners of the positions were Gotham City Community
      College students Jane Siper, Cary Akerson, Carol Nichols and Pat
      Moore.  They were already in their kitten costumes while getting set
      for the 5 PM opening.  Lastly, twenty-one-year-old Haley Faulks had
      been hired as a dancer to go along with Rhianon, and she too was in
      her costume ready to go while helping with the last minute touches. 

      Haley had hair looking very much like that of her boss, and for a
      costume had obtained a shiny long sleeved purple latex catsuit with a
      wide open neck lined with a one-inch wide gold border.  A matching
      purple mask was over her eyes, with very open cat shaped eye holes and
      turned up outside top corners.  There were also little purple cat ears
      in her hair up over each of her ears, and her hands were bare.  She
      was wearing some purple boots she'd been able to find which were just
      a bit darker than her catsuit and were ankle high with short, two-inch
      block heels.  A golden belt was around her narrow waist, accenting the
      way her well endowed chest bulged in purple over it.  Attached to her
      belt on the left side was a long, coiled up black whip for accent.

      Katie herself was also wearing her own cat motiffed outfit, a long
      sleeved cobalt blue leather catsuit with matching leather gloves
      zipped tightly over the sleeves.  She kept the zipper in the catsuit's
      front down quite a bit to show off her own nice cleavage, and was
      wearing a four-inch wide matching blue belt around the tops of her
      hips secured at the front with a huge square silver buckle.  Blue cat
      ears were on top of her head like Haley's, and she had exactly the
      same shade blue leather boots that were knee high with three-inch
      block heels.

      The four younger girls were all in much different kitten outfits,
      similar to each other but varying in detail.  Waist length blonde
      haired Carol was the only one of the girls in a long skirt going
      almost to the floor, a pale tan in color.  She wore a long sleeved
      white blouse with a bright blue bustier over it that had wide shoulder
      pieces.  Like each of the girls, she also had a white apron coming out
      from under the bustier to go down to her thighs and flat heeled black
      baby doll toed shoes on her feet.  To go with her blonde hair, the cat
      ears she wore were a mid tan in color.  Shoulder length brown haired
      Pat had a mid grey miniskirt with a short sleeved white blouse and a
      dark purple bustier.  Brown cat ears to match her hair were mounted
      above her own.  Short black haired Jane was in a silver miniskirt and
      a red bustier over her short sleeved tan blouse.  Likewise, she had
      black cat ears.  Finally, short red haired Cary had an orange
      miniskirt, a white long sleeved blouse and a dark green bustier.  The
      almost orange cat ears she wore were a close match to her hair.

      The most fascinating costume worn by any of the girls was Rhianon's. 
      She was wearing a furry black catsuit that molded to her expansive
      chest and narrow waist.  To accent her waist and chest, the suit had
      silver chain and ring details and a black choker with a silver ring
      clamp at the front of her throat.  The matching furry paws over her
      hands gave Rhianon enough dexterity to continue helping out, she just
      had to be careful with the sharp claws now at her fingertips.  She had
      lots of fun with the long, curled, bushy black fur tail attached just
      above her butt, and it had a white fur tip.  Instead of having more
      furred paws over her feet, she had much more provocative boots than
      Katie or Haley, being shiny black leather zipped tightly to her calves
      up to just below her knees and having sexily shaped five-inch heels. 
      Whereas Haley had the whip for an accent, Rhianon had a handcuff
      attached to her left wrist with its mate hanging free.  So far
      Rhianon's gorgeous blue-eyed face and shoulder length wavy blonde hair
      could be seen, but she was almost ready to place the very realistic
      looking black cat head with green cat eyes and silver whiskers over
      her own.  To match her tail, there was a splotch of white fur on the
      cat head's forehead.

      "Rhianon," Katie said as she walked up to her singer, "would you like
      some help with your cat head?"

      Rhianon picked up the cat head which was only a bit larger than her
      human head and nodded while handing it to her boss.  "Yes, thanks. 
      That'll save me the trouble of going to the mirror in the ladies room."

      "Aren't you going to use a hair net with this?" Katie asked as she
      hefted the lighter than expected cat head in her blue gloved hands.

      Rhianon shook her head.  "Nah, my hair's short enough.  If it was much
      longer, yeah, I'd probably have to use a net.  Since you've got the
      head, I'll hold my hair."  She reached behind her head and gathered
      her blonde hair in her hands.  "Okay, time for me to turn into a cat!"

      Katie unhooked the little latch at the back of the head's neck and
      lifted the surprisingly wide access panel up.  "Wow!  I had no idea
      with the fur hiding it that this access panel was the way in and out
      of this head, Rhianon."  With that, she slid the head in front of her
      singer's face and pulled it down and back over her hair filled hands. 
      Once she felt the head's mask over her own face, Rhianon knew she
      could let go of her hair.  Her boss gathered the few loose strands and
      pushed them in, then brought the panel back down and latched it shut
      making it disappear into the black fur once again.

      Katie stepped around and looked at the now fully costumed Rhianon.  "I
      don't believe how much you look like a real black cat!  I presume you
      can see through those cat eyes okay?"

      "Yes, of course," Rhianon told her, as Katie watched the cat's jaw
      open up matching her singer's mouth.  "And my mouth opens up to allow
      my singing without any distortion."

      Haley had walked over as the cat head was being put in place, and now
      said, "I thought I had put together a good version of a cat costume
      using Catwoman for an example, but after seeing you like this, I think
      we have the best Cat Woman, with a space between the words.  Say meow
      for us, Rhianon."

      With her cat's mouth still closed, Rhianon put her prior practice to
      use and purred first.  Then she let loose with a loud, "Meowwwrrrrrr!"

      "Damn!  Sounds like you've been taking lessons from Selina Kyle,
      Rhianon!" Katie exclaimed.

      "I'll say," Haley added.  "Speaking of Selina, you don't think she's
      going to have any problem with our cat themed club, do you, boss?"

      "I may be the boss, but please just call me Katie, Haley," the blue
      colored cat responded.  "I asked my cousin about that before I got
      started, and he said Selina would most likely love seeing what we've
      done.  She has been more a good kitten helping to fight crime lately
      than the feline felon she used to be, so maybe we can get her to make
      an appearance sometime soon."

      "Too bad we couldn't get her here for the grand opening tonight,"
      Rhianon said.  "Especially since Channel 6 is going to do a live
      newscast for the Entertainment Tonight show before the news."

      "That reminds me," Katie said as she turned toward the right rear
      side of the stage.  "Girls, the TV crews are going to be here soon. 
      You're all set to go as my Gatitas, I hope."

      Carol got the attention of the other three girls and motioned for
      them to stay silent.  Then, playing with the way their boss had used
      the Spanish word for girl kittens, replied, "Si, Gata!"

      "Okay," Katie giggled, "I know the club has a Hispanic name, but let's
      stay with English unless otherwise needed, girls."

      Still playing along, Carol did her best imitation of Rhianon and
      said, "Meowwrr."

      Katie actually burst out laughing at that reply, and as her boss was
      overcome, Rhianon said, "No, like this.  Meoowwwrrrrrr!"

      All four of the kittens then chimed in, "Meowwwrrrrrr!"

      "Katie, I think we're going to have a fantastic opening night!" Haley
      said after the meows and giggling stopped.

      "I know I'm going to have fun," their boss replied.  "Let's just hope
      we get a lot of support from the public.  This is really a business,
      after all."

      "Good timing, Katie," Rhianon said.  "There's the TV guys and gals at
      the door."

      "Great!  Okay, all my Gatas and Gatitas, let's put on a good show!"
      continued in part 20

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