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2651Impending Bloom

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  • Bobby Hill
    Nov 29

      Welcome to “Impending Bloom” WOWD & This! Music’s creative live music calendar.    Area live music blooming soon includes:


      On Saturday, December 2nd @8PM, Sonic Circuits presents…Galaxy Express 555, musician Christopher Farstad, incorporating samples, live wind instruments, and looping technology, creating sounds somewhere between ambient, industrial, and experimental.  ian douglas-moore & paul n roth - Douglas-Moore lays out sound walls using guitar-created sine tones, feedback, and sonic layering, while Roth inlays his electronics-influenced approach to the alto saxophone and microtonal manipulations, multiphonics, drones, and other noise gestures.   Afroditi Psarra, a multidisciplinary artist working with e-textiles, diy electronics and sound, focusing on concepts such as the body as an interface, contemporary handicrafts and folk tradition, pop iconography, retrofuturistic aesthetics and the role of women in contemporary culture.   Barbiero-Byrd-Ghaphery, acoustic improvisation for winds, strings & percussion. at @Rhizome, at 6950 Maple Avenue, in Takoma DC.


      On Tuesday, November 5th @8PM, guitarist Bill Frisell and double-bassist Thomas Morgan.  @ An die Musik LIVE!, 409 North Charles Street
, Second Floor, 
Baltimore, Maryland 21201.


      The Impending Bloom calendar is heard Saturdays @10:30AM & 12:30PM, part of Bobby Hill and WOWD’s This! Music program, on 94.3FM & at takomaradio.org.  WOWD-LP radio…set your dial, and stream your mind!