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Re: (unknown)

Peggy - this is the second time I've gotten an email from you that seems to be spam...You might want to let your provider know. Lorraine
Lorraine Shelton-Gaines
Jan 31, 2013

(no subject)

http://tianshu.nl/wp-content/themes/twentyeleven/indexs.php peggy davis
peggy davis
Jan 30, 2013

(no subject)

peggy davis
Jan 8, 2013

Re: Flights from Denmark

Have a great time! Enjoy your new accordion. We hope to see you all next year. Diane and Steve
Apr 25, 2010

Flights from Denmark

Hi everyone. Now flights has started in Denmark and most of Europe. Since we was told from the Booking Agency, that we could not rebook before May, we canceled
Apr 21, 2010

Flight update

Airspace above the UK has now reopened at last. Too late for us, but perhaps it will mean that anyone returning to Europe stands a chance of getting home ok.
Apr 20, 2010

UK update

Still no flights from our local airports. There have been one or two short flights from airports in Scotland, but I think those have shut down again now. The
Apr 20, 2010

Flight situation

Hi everyone There are still no flights moving here in the UK. Everything is shut down until tomorrow at least. We have lost our flight bookings and have been
Apr 18, 2010

Re: Denmark Update

Thanks Big Nick. Hope you all are having a good time. As it looks right now there will be no flights before the Balfa Camp is over. Shame, shame, shame. Niels
Niels Houmand
Apr 18, 2010

Re: Denmark Update

TH\hat's truly a shame .. People are wondering where you are :-) I'll try to spread the word.  Hope you can still make it! --Big ... No flights in Europe, so
Apr 18, 2010

Denmark Update

Hello Everyone No flights in Europe, so we don't know yet if will show up at the Balfa Camp. Hope that you are all having a great time. Grethe, Susanne, Ole &
Apr 17, 2010

UK update

Hi everyone, It's just after ten AM here in the UK (four AM US central time) and although the sun is shining in a cloudless sky, the sky is a dirty blue / grey
Apr 17, 2010

Re: flight problems....Steve and Diane

Hi Chuck I'm sure you will find John and Liz very good housemates. They have probably told you that they come from the same area as us, and that we know them.
Apr 16, 2010

Re: flight problems....Steve and Diane

Hi Steve and Diane,   I checked in and met my roomates John and Liz from the UK. They flew over a few days ago and missed the big mess. John and Betty have
Charles H. Schneider
Apr 16, 2010

Re: flight problems

Hi Maggie, Thanks for the message. We've just got back from the cinema where we saw `The Ghost'. Driving back the sunset was unusually red and we could see
Apr 16, 2010
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