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    Aug 30
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    INDIAN COUNTRY, HUMAN COUNTRY: "The Nightwolf Show" Friday, August 2

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thursday, August 27, 2015 * Moon of Walking Thunder
      Cheechako Charlie
      Aug 27
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        Aug 23
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        Sign on to the Obama letter for Sowing The Seeds of Hope, Sept 22 da

        ... NCNR will be sending this letter to President Obama in connection with the September day of action, Sowing The Seeds of Hope: From Congress to The White
        Malachy Kilbride
        Aug 17

        INTERFAITH EVENT: "THE WALK 2015," Sunday, September 27, 2015 - THE

        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "We walk because we have not yet arrived." - Imam Mohamed
          Aug 17
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          Syria chem war vigil Fri 8/21 in D.C.

          2nd Anniversary of the Chemical Attack Hosted by Syria Solidarity Movement - USA Friday, Aug. 21 fr/ 10:00 to 11:00am The White House in WASHINGTON, DC
          Not A Secure Linejusticeduckling
          Aug 17

          JAZZ, POETRY, HEALTH - LOCAL ISLAM: Fwd: Event this Sunday at AIH M

          [ BEST VIEWED IN A WEB-FRIENDLY PROGRAM ] ... [ BEST VIEWED IN A WEB-FRIENDLY PROGRAM ] Begin forwarded message: From: America's Islamic Heritage Museum
          Aug 15

          NAACP Rally f/ Justice & Equality: 9/16 in DC

          #JusticeSummer Rally for Justice and Equality Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 2:00pm Washington, District of Columbia http://naacp.org/ajfj
          not a secure line
          Aug 15

          Reparations Reception Fri. 9/11 in DC

          International Reparations Reception Friday, Sept. 11 fr/ 6:00 to 9:00pm The African American Civil War Memorial and Museum 1925 Vermont Avenue, NW in
          not a secure line
          Aug 14

          Marcus Garvey celebration Sun. 8/16 in DC

          Early Marcus Garvey Day Celebration Sunday, Aug. 16 fr 2:00 to 9:00pm Malcolm X Park aka Meridian Hill Park Washington, District of Columbia
          Not A Secure Line
          Aug 13

          Midwest Unrest vs. Enbridge: Tues 8/25 in DC

          Midwest Unrest Tuesday, Aug. 25 Washington, District of Columbia https://facebook.com/events/1454780581494290/\\ Hosted by Energy Action Coalition CALL TO
          Not A Secure Line
          Aug 13

          DC Free Store Sat., 8/29 in DC

          DC Free Store - August 2015 Saturday, Aug. 29, 5:00 to 8:00pm The Peace House 4219 12th Pl., NE Washington, District of Columbia
          Not A Secure Line
          Aug 13

          9/11 UNITY WALK CLOSING: Fwd: Thank You for 10 Years

          ... 9/11 UNITY WALK CLOSING: Fwd: Thank You for 10 Years Subject: Thank You for 10 Years From: Unity Walk Reply-To: Unity Walk <>
            Aug 12
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            Stop Iran War: Contact "on the fence" congress reps and tell them to

            1.See the list of of reps still on the fence re Iran deal below
            Carol Moore
            Aug 11

            Grandparents Climate Action Day: Wed. 9/9 DC

            Grandparents Climate Action Day Wednesday Sept. 9, 2015, 8:00 AM Calvary Baptist Church 775 8th St., NW in Washington, DC 20003
            not a secure line
            Aug 11
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