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Pattern of trials, wars following Olympics

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  • Sterling D. Allan
    Some interesting observations to be added to the page at http://www.greaterthings.com/Word-Number/Olympics2002/ ... From: Randy Miller
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2002
      Some interesting observations to be added to the page at

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      Subject: Re: [APFN] Salt Lake City Olympics in ELS Bible Code, by Dean

      Interesting analysis. I grew up in Colorado, I went to college in
      Utah and worked at one of the ski resorts for two years in 90-91.
      The talk of getting the Olympics was a big thing then as construction
      went on. I can only imagine what the place looks like now.

      I think SLC deserves the Olympics and all else set aside, I think
      it would be a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, I dont get
      a good feeling about it right now and never did. Not that anything might
      right during the Olympics but I began to notice a pattern a few
      years back that effected my feelings on the Olympic subject.

      On a cold winters day as I pulled into the newly constructed
      heated parking Garage at the resort I worked at in 1990, I thought
      about the Olympics and if I would attend the 2002 games.

      I was a missionary in Los Angeles for the 1984 games. In 1988
      I was an Air Defense Operations assistant. I helped build a mobile Air
      Defense Opertions center that was deployed outside Seoul. I even
      attended some of the events as a spectator. I also remember watching
      the Sarejevo Olympics on TV from somewhere or another. That country
      fell to a severe war shortly thereafter.

      Anyway at some point in time the thought entered my mind that
      often the city that hosts the Olympics eventually fall to war
      usually a Civil War. Los Angeles fell to gang war and riots in 1992 that
      required the full deployment of National Guard and Active Duty soldiers from
      Ft. Ord.

      Seoul has been in war and will be in another one. As will Atlanta
      and SLC. This has been impressed on my mind several times including
      that cold winters day in 1990 as I drove into the resort parking
      garage. Frankly, at that time I thought I wanted to be a part of
      the 2002 games, I even considered some vacation time. But my
      schedule wont allow it.

      I still am of the opinion though, that 2002 will mark the beginning
      of the end for SLC. The truth is that the Mormon church is NOT
      rooted in SLC. While the Mormon Church is protectorate for ancient
      records found here in America, it has become a very wealthy corporation.
      Perhaps the most wealthy of any corporations on the planet with
      over 25 billion in assets. At the same time, it has become rooted
      in SLC but its original home is in Missouri and according to the
      church's founder, original leader and propthet Joseph Smith, it will have to
      return to Missouri. Only cataclysmic events could uproot
      an organization with so much wealth, status and assets and put its
      membership through the fires of trial and hardship. All the Christian
      churches are on trial. The original church from the days of Christ
      and the epistles of Paul.
      The protestant churches arising out of the great reformation, and
      the restored church arising out of the reformed churches. The bell tolls
      for all.

      Through trial
      and hardship the "Mormon" church left Missouri and through trial it will
      return. Let it be said, let it be written and let the wise figure
      it out. The Olympics is a latter day event just like wars and rumors of
      wars and earthquakes in diverse places (abnormal places) and changed
      weather. Who has not seen the
      murals of the German Olympics with Hitler at the helm?

      It is all a signal to the coming day of Global dictatorship and the
      war against Israel. Israel is the Jews and the other tribes (that
      were responsible for the rise of the reformed and restored Chrisitan

      In otherwords, dont be surprised that the SLC Olympics is a signal
      for more war against the Church.


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      >"Salt Lake," "Utah" "2xWinter" "2xOlympics" "Feb. 8" "2002"
      >encoded in Bible Code matrix spanning Isaiah 5:25--25:5
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