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I love you all the way to outer space I love you all the way to outer space - New BLOG: http://www.davidgeschke.com/blog.html Read it and post a reply! DoB
Jul 27, 2010
HOW I MET BOYD DOWLER the story of my brush with greatness is now up on the blog at www.DavidGeschke.com as well as Facebook and Blogger http://www.davidgeschke.com/blog.html Check
Jul 16, 2010
NEW BLOG!!! Happy 4th of July everyone!!! The site at http://www.DavidGeschke.com has a new blog about a book I'm writing - check it out & leave a comment!
Jul 4, 2010
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Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!!! Hello again from the DAVEONBASS mailing list. Today's news is rather simple I guess... the website I was developing at http://www.daveonbass.weebly.com has
Jun 6, 2010
Three new web destinations Hello! I bet you forgot you were even a member of the DAVEONBASS e-mail list... last message I sent was... 2007? Well, here's some new info for ya! I'm
Jun 1, 2010
I'm playing with ROAD TRIP again! Well, for tonight anyway :) Yes, I'm filling in for FLAP at tonight's ROAD TRIP show at the Rock River Bar & Grill in Kekoskee 9:30-1:30. Where's Kekoskee you
David Geschke
Apr 13, 2007
Chris Aaron Band, Scotty Meyer Band - this weekend! Hi! Just a quick note to let everyone know I'll be playing bass TONIGHT with the Chris Aaron Band at the WOODS in Green Bay - 9:30 start! Clyde Stubblefield
David Geschke
Feb 23, 2007
SCOTTY MEYER BAND! Hello, ho ho ho and Merry Christmas! Well, this week officially marks the beginning of the NEW Scotty Meyer Band! I'll be joining the group along with GREG
David Geschke
Dec 25, 2006
Dave On Bass Message Board V2 CLICK HERE! to check out the new message board! This is just a quick note to those of you who were members of the old
David Geschke
Sep 24, 2006
NEW DAVE ON BASS MESSAGE BOARD!!! Hi! The DAVE ON BASS Message Board has been overhauled. And moved. And it's not just for bass players. It's WAY cool and you should go register and check it
David Geschke
Sep 20, 2006
Fastest way to VOTE FOR BUZZ - CBS NEWS contest! Fastest way to VOTE - CBS NEWS contest! CLICK HERE for the fastest way to vote OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN to help the
David Geschke
Aug 28, 2006
BUZZ MEADE ON THE CBS NEWS! Just a reminder to all members of the DAVE ON BASS MAILING LIST that my band's video of "Girl from the West Coast" will be making an appearance on the EARLY
David Geschke
Aug 27, 2006
Chew On THIS! 2006 Hi kids! Betcha forgot you were on the DaveOnBass mailing list again, eh? Well that's because I don't send a lot of messages out, but this week there's some
David Geschke
Jul 10, 2006
Masino/Cornell CD Hi! Well, in case you're wondering why you're receiving this e-mail it's because you're on the DAVEONBASS mailing list! I send an e-mail every 4 years or so,
David Geschke
May 8, 2006
New CD! Dry Bean show Nov 2nd! Hi there! I'll bet you forgot totally you were even ON the Dave On Bass mailing list, didn't you? Well, I haven't sent an e-mail out since 2002, so no-one's
David Geschke
Nov 2, 2005
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New Boards at the Dave On Bass Forum! There's some new places to go, new people to meet, it's very exciting! Check out the new, improved DAVE ON BASS forum:
David Geschke <dave@...>
Dec 14, 2002
New Bass Forum! Frogs! OK, I realize the last message I sent was to tell you about the new message board at Daveonbass.com, but it's been changed AGAIN! This should be the last time
David Geschke
Oct 3, 2002
New Bass Forum Hi- You might have forgotten, but you're on the DAVE ON BASS e-mail list! I don't often send news or updates, but just wanted to drop you a line today to let
Aug 31, 2002
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