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6853Re: Falcon Ridge Dave Carter Song Circle - Recording Available

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  • KenY7744@gmail.com
    Aug 17, 2012
      I want to offer my thanks to Beth for hosting the 10th anniversary Dave Carter song circle at Falcon Ridge last month, and to Fred for making the recordings available to us.

      Thanks also to Beth for providing a list of the performers for each of the songs.

      I have a question or two and one correction.

      I did not find tracks for the following. Is that because the recording started after these were done, or did I miss something?

      Happytown (Beth DeSombre)

      The Mountain (Boxcar Lilies)

      God's Poet Now [song written for Dave] (Erik Balkey)

      The version of The Mountain that was on the recording I received was performed by Erik Balkey and Annie Donahue, who perform as a duo called the Copper Ponies. We are hosting them at our house concert series in November.

      There wasn't a performer listed for Lancelot, but it sounded like Beth. Please confirm.

      Also, is there a last name for Jen, and who was the other singer on 236-6132 with Becca Derry?

      And finally thanks to all the performers for carrying forward the legacy of Dave Carter.

      Ken Yavit & Donna Ryder
      Glenside House Concerts
      Glenside, PA
      Glenside House Concerts website: http://tinyurl.com/GlensideHouseConcerts
      Oct. 6 – Jonathan Byrd & Chris Kokesh (www.jonathanbyrd.com & www.chriskokesh.com)
      Nov. 17 – The Copper Ponies (Erik Balkey & Annie Donahue) (www.facebook.com/thecopperponies)
      Late March/Early April (Tentative) - Richard Berman (www.RichardBerman.com)
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