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Getting Your Boyfriend Back In Shape

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  • Kathy Stafford
    Free-Reprint Article Written by: Kathy Stafford See Terms of Reprint Below. ***************************************************************** * * This email is
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: Kathy Stafford
      See Terms of Reprint Below.

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      Getting Your Boyfriend Back In Shape

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      Is your boyfriend not as good-looking as he used to be? This
      article offers suggestions on how to help him get back in shape
      and improve your relationship.

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      Getting Your Boyfriend Back In Shape
      Copyright (c) 2007 Kathy Stafford, All Rights Reserved
      Dear Kathy

      One of the hardest things that a girl can do is tell her
      boyfriend that she thinks he needs to get into shape. If you've
      noticed that your boyfriend isn't quite the way he was when you
      first met, it means that it's something that matters to you. And
      that means you're going to have to address it.

      Society would have you believe that women are really sensitive
      about the way they look and that men couldn't care less, but
      that's definitely not the case. Most men are really sensitive
      about how they look as well, but they don't go out of their way
      to make a point of telling the world about it.

      If you doubt this, go ahead and tell your boyfriend that he needs
      to drop some of those pounds that he's packed on. You and I both
      know that he's not going to handle hearing that very well.

      What can you do, then?

      For starters, you can participate in something as simple as
      healthier eating. The trick is to make it seem as if it's your
      idea and you want his help in keeping to your new diet. What you
      can do is prepare healthy meals, and then suggest that he go for
      a walk with you after dinner. Tell him that you don't feel
      comfortable going out by yourself and you'll give him the chance
      to act as your protector, even as he begins to lose weight.

      Keep in mind that you don't have to have anything drastic
      happen. You can make gradual changes, and those small things that
      you do will have a tremendous impact later on. Eliminate some of
      the fried foods that you eat. Instead of soda, why not have some
      cool, refreshing water? You can get some low fat milk that tastes
      as good as whole milk, and has fewer calories.

      When it comes to physical activities, find something fun for the
      two of you to do. If you're both enjoying what you're doing,
      the odds are greater that you'll wind up sticking with it.

      Be prepared before you mention anything about a new lifestyle
      change. That way, you'll have some ammunition at your
      fingertips. If you let him think about it too long, odds are that
      he'll back out. So, talk about having a healthier lifestyle, and
      then have some exercises that you'll want to try out with him.
      If he thinks that he's doing this for you he'll more likely
      agree. Don't make it sound like it's something that you want
      him to do by himself.

      There's always the possibility that you're not going to get him
      to go along with you, though. If that's the case, you'll need
      to make a decision. Can you accept him the way he is or do you
      need to find someone else? If you're actually going to leave him
      because of his weight, then you should be honest and tell him why
      you're leaving. That just might be the incentive that will
      actually get him to sign up for an exercise program and to take
      better care of himself.

      Kathy Stafford, Relationship Coach, �I show singles how to get
      married and couples how to STAY married� Do you want more from
      your relationship? Go to http://www.dearkathy.com for
      relationship articles, advice, and programs.

      Get Kathy�s new book, �Relationship Remorse: Mistakes Women Make
      When Shopping for a Man.� and learn the right way to find a
      loving and committed life-partner. Order the book at

      Copyright � 2007 Kathy Stafford / dearkathy.com. All rights reserved.

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