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7Pics from Mist- Cynagua

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  • norman_marcher_lord
    Nov 8, 2009
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      Sharon posted several to Flicker


      there are also 2 short vid clips- both are from the ending "meat grinder" where when you died you switch sides-
      In one I am attacking Kelson, and in the other Adam is legging someone-

      and looking quite competant doing it I might add-

      All in all, it was a fun day of fighting, and Much praise was heaped upon the heads of the unit... wordfame was gained and late at night much smoked meat was consumed- and the Prince of the Mists was singing praises of the abilities of Owen, Kelson and the rest of the warband-

      I think Owen and I are going down to Madera next Sat. for "Battle of the Baronies"- a day trip that, so leaving early Sat morn and bombing down, fighting and then coming home. If you are interested in coming along, give a hollar.