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  • Elaine Bohls
    Update on Chris: He gets a day pass, this weekend! So, he will be sprung for a few hours and get to go home. Anita will be sending me times, later, so if
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      Update on Chris:  He gets a day pass, this weekend!  So, he will be sprung for a few hours and get to go home.  Anita will be sending me times, later, so if any of you were thinking about visiting Chris on Saturday, might want to wait.
      He continues to make leaps and bounds and is walking with a walker or pushing the wheelchair.  He is talking and they are planning on bringing in an oche so that Chris can work with his darts and with teaching other patients how to play.
      The medical bills are starting to come in and they are whoppers.  The life flight was close to $14,000, with less than half being covered.
      Thank you all for the prayers and the support.  It is all working.

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      Emoji Chris gets a day pass home Emojithis weekend!  He wants it to be SaturdayEmoji, of course.
      I just talked to Dr. Rana who brought the subject up when I went over there for lunch.   The pass will be only for a few hours, but he can come home for us to evaluate and identify any potential problems to fix them before he is released from the hospital. 
      The doctor also talked about us needing to have someone stay with him during the day or taking him in for his therapy once he is released from the hospital, so I am thinking that day is coming sooner than we expected.Emoji
      Anita K. Hester-Helms
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      Elaine Bohls
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