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MUFON San Diego Newsletter April 2011

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  • Linda Berry - Spiritual Discovery Center
    MUFON San Diego Newsletter April 2011 Vol.16 No.3 Newsletter Online: http://www.mufonsandiego.com/MonthlyNewsletter.html April 2011 Meeting Subject:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 8, 2011
      MUFON San Diego Newsletter
      April 2011
      Vol.16 No.3
      Newsletter Online: http://www.mufonsandiego.com/MonthlyNewsletter.html

      April 2011 Meeting
      Subject: Investigating Mexico's Ovni's (UFOs) and Extraterrestrial Sightings
      Past and Present
      Speaker: Alma Guthrie, UFO Contactee and Abductee, Director of San Diego
      UFO Society
      Date: Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 5:00 (dinner) and 6:00 PM (lecture).
      Meeting donation: $2 per person (minimum). Dinner is optional. Please
      arrive in time for dinner so lecture may start on time. Lecture is
      Location: Banquet Room of Sizzler Restaurant located at 3755 Murphy Canyon
      Road, San Diego. Take I-15 to Aero Drive exit, go west one block and turn
      right at Murphy Canyon Road and right again into parking lot below street.
      Information: For further info on this event please call 619-507-6395 or
      619-561-0237, email contact@...

      About This Lecture:
      ***UFO sightings have been ongoing in Mexico for many years. In fact 16
      years ago MUFON San Diego's Newsletter Editor told of her UFO sightings
      and experiences in Mexico just south of the US border. Some notable UFO
      sightings have included an instrumental recorded sighting by Mexican
      narcotics agents in a plane over Campeche. Numerous sightings have been
      witnessed by much of the population of Mexico City. UFO crash retrievals
      have been recorded in Mexican airspace and written in publications. Our
      lecture will focus on what are some of the most important UFO sightings
      in Mexico and a discussion of extraterrestrial visitations witnessed in
      Mexico. These reports and sightings have been investigated and researched
      by Jaime Maussan. In the second part of this lecture our speaker will
      discuss some of her own UFO sightings and present her experiences.
      Click here for more information:

      News and Announcements:
      ***Please mark your calendar for the upcoming San Diego MUFON special
      meeting and presentation on Sunday, May15, 2011. Steven Jones, an ET
      contact experiencer from Great Britain will give a presentation as MUFON
      San Diego joins some 15+ other MUFON sections in the US in making this
      special possible. Please check out MUFON San Diego website for complete
      details or click here for MUFON Tour information:

      Upcoming Events:
      ***Monday, June 6, 2011: Swedenborg Hall in San Diego from 7pm to
      10pm. Scientist and Best selling author Michael Tellinger speaks on
      Origins of Human Kind and Advanced Technologies of the Ancients and How It
      Effects the Rise of Consciousness Today. The Presentation also includes: The Lost
      Civilization of Southern Africa, Sacred Geometry & The Nature of Reality,
      and The Secret Numbers Of God. Click here for registration and information
      on USA/Canada Tour: http://www.usmichaeltellinger.blogspot.com

      ***July 29-31, 2011: MUFON Symposium at Irvine CA at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
      Some 12+ speakers plus Astronaut Musgrave welcome the many MUFON members
      and guests. The theme is "ET Contact: The Implications for Science and
      Society." Please check MUFON San Diego website for details or click here
      for more information and registration: http://www.2011mufonsymposium.com

      ***Sunday, August 28, 2011: San Diego UFO Society meeting from 2pm
      to 5pm. San Diego MUFON's own Linda Berry (Paranormal Researcher, Business
      Owner, Radio Show Host) presents her lecture on "Investigating UAE's
      (Unidentified Alien Entities): The Science and Spirituality of UAE's." Linda presented
      two lectures at San Diego MUFON last fall on "Investigating UAE's:
      Communication and Protection from Unknown Inter-Dimensional Beings." Don't
      miss the opportunity to see her speak again on this very fascinating
      Click here for Information on Upcoming SD UFO Presentation:
      Click here for Information on Past MUFON UAE Presentations:
      Click here for MUFON San Diego UAE Presentation Press Coverage:

      MUFON San Diego Information:
      Website: http://www.mufonsandiego.com
      Email: contact@...
      Phone: 619-507-6395, 619-561-0237, and 760-753-2456
      Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/MUFONsandiego





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