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What Would You Do If You Found Yourself Smack in the Middle of a Paranormal Even

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  • stardust_lady_51
    I often ask that question to the people around me. I often write about what others did once they found themselves smack in the middle of a paranormal
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2008
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      I often ask that question to the people around me. I often write
      about what others did once they found themselves smack in the middle
      of a paranormal experience. I try to bring this subject to light as I
      think the future will roll forth with many paranormal happenings for
      more and more people.

      I can only offer advice by way of personal experience and the reports
      of those I have talked with who had paranormal events they had to
      deal with.

      The first common thread I found in my own life and in others, when
      faced with an experience you do not understand is fear. The first
      thing you must do is not fall to pieces. I know that I have felt fear
      so deep and terrifying I thought I would pass out cold. However, at
      the same time knew, if I did not keep my senses about me, I may not
      live to tell about it.

      I think the main thing we need to understand is that a paranormal
      event will most likely cause you to find yourself in a state of fear
      so over powering you will feel as though you are going into shock.
      The most important response to this normal first reaction of total
      fear would be to somehow dig deep within your being so you can hold
      yourself together to get past this initial overwhelming fear.

      The second reaction after finding your legs are still under your body
      is to either run away from (or) to walk towards whatever event is
      before you. This is what I refer to as the do or die moment. I have
      listened to many reports of people who have done both things. There
      are those who ran away and others who walked towards whatever
      experience were before them. UFOs are a common paranormal
      experience. I have personal knowledge in this area as well as
      reports from others concerning the reactions when experiencing a
      sighting. I found that those who removed themselves from a close
      physical encounter handled the sighting and experience better than
      those who did the opposite and closed in for a better look. Those who
      made their way to other people, took cover, and placed distance
      between them and the unknown had stronger recall, less harm to their
      person and a more secure confidence in what they had experienced.
      Those who became too close, on the other hand, often were forced to
      deal with more than they were prepared for.

      My opinion is that if you find yourself in a situation where you are
      viewing a paranormal event the best way to deal with the experience
      is to protect yourself first and foremost. The best thing to do, if
      possible, would be to quickly find other people. This would help
      assure your safety and add witness's to the event before you. Along
      with this reaction I would at once distance yourself so you are not
      easily accessible to being harmed, taken or worse. I do not think it
      wise to assume that the event before you is harmless or is friendly.
      I think being cautious and at a safe distance with other people
      around you a must. Remember the unknown is just that.

      Know that light is always a friend and turn on, flash or run to what
      ever lights you are near or can find. If an experience occurs at
      night or in a dark area search for lights. Seeing clearly what you're
      dealing with is a must. Light also distracts and retreats things that
      are lurking in areas that are not fully visible. Of course broad
      daylight experiences happen every day. That is a time to find safety
      in numbers or escape to a protected area.

      Lastly, try to control your fear through out your experience. It may
      mean a life of death decision on your part. Try to record as much as
      you can to memory of what you are seeing or dealing with and never
      give way to panic. These are the moments in life you need to find
      your best and rely on your instinct to survive.

      I think most who witness a paranormal event do so with out harm or
      negative aftermath of any type. I just feel as more people experience
      more things considered paranormal or unknown that basic guidelines in
      the back of ones mind is a good thing to have.

      I wish you all wonderful adventures, and interesting experiences. I
      also wish for you to be as prepared as you can be for what ever may
      come along your next journey.

      Copyright © 2008 Chris Holly, Endless Journey e-magazine blog site @
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