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Weekly UFO Report: 5- 2-07

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  • nathaniel x vance
    Weekly UFO Report: 5- 2-07 Dear Members, For those who wish some truly serious UFO footage, here are 3 links which according to the Zeta Space Angels they say
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      Weekly UFO Report: 5- 2-07
      Dear Members,
      For those who wish some truly serious UFO footage, here are 3 links which according to the Zeta Space Angels they say are authentic and captured on tape. They are explained to be a warning that we should take heed! At the bottom, another mysterious crop circle in Winterbourne Monkton UK. The meaning is also given.

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWg8HUsl048&NR=1 21 Mayo-07 in santiago chile

      http://youtube.com/watch?v=dkNdXncScmY 23 mayo -07 lima peru


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      ZetaTalk: GLP (5-1-05)
      A dramatic display, taking place in Lima, Peru (the capitol of Peru) on May 20 and in Santiago, Chili on May 21. These two countries lie along the spine of the Andes, and would take the brunt of a tsunami during a sudden adjustment in the south Seas such as occurred Dec 26, 2004. This is hardly a coincidence, and captured on video and broadcast in the media in these countries, the warning was relayed to the people. The message is clear, as only these two countries, along the spine of the Andes, received the warning. Tsunami are well known to these countries, which deal with tidal bore up into the inland valleys and devastation of cities at the water's edge. For Santiago, nestled between mountain ranges in an inland valley, the message delivered by UFO's lining up along the Andes and then moving, one by one, off down the length of the mountain range, was clear. The tides will wash the length of the Andes, a full assault along its length, then dropping slowly at the sides of
      the tsunami assault. For Lima, a stronger message, as here the water will be everywhere. As with other UFO delivered warnings lately, the populace below is given a telepathic message, so there will be no misunderstanding.

      Of the crop circles this season, most look small and balanced, but this one, May 25, 2007, looks odd. Can the Zetas comment? http://www.cropcircleconnector.com/2007/winterbournemonkton/monkton2007.html

      Most of the legitimate circles laid this season are reflecting the quiesent period of late, the last couple months, while the Earth is attempting to align with Planet X in a type of side-by-side arrangement during his 270̊ roll, and thus not jerking back and forth in an attempt to align magnetically with the Sun. We have explained that this is temporary, a return to the wobble and lurch and a lean to the left to start, with a vengeance. Imagine Earth in the center of this circle, being battered back and forth between two opposing magnetic fields! The Sun is dominant, with its N Pole pole pointing up. Planet X is next dominant, and will be pointing its N Pole out. The poor Earth, who swings her N and S poles around daily to present to the Sun and Planet X, will attempt to please both masters. If you thought the wobble was extreme before, just wait! What will this mean for the plates, which have been loosened up, rock fingers along the edges broken off, so they are
      slippery. More quakes, larger quakes, more distance during each movement, and the stretch zones pulled upon hard. The New Madrid, already showing stress, will not hold out much longer.

      salaam akwaaba jambo

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