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Quantum wormholes could carry people

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  • darkufo
    All around us are tiny doors that lead to the rest of the Universe. Predicted by Einstein s equations, these quantum wormholes offer a faster-than-light short
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2002
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      All around us are tiny doors that lead to the rest of the Universe.
      Predicted by Einstein's equations, these quantum wormholes offer a
      faster-than-light short cut to the rest of the cosmos - at least in
      principle. Now physicists believe they could open these doors wide
      enough to allow someone to travel through.

      Quantum wormholes are thought to be much smaller than even protons
      and electrons, and until now no one has modelled what happens when
      something passes through one. So Sean Hayward at Ewha Womans
      University in Korea and Hisa-aki Shinkai at the Riken Institute of
      Physical and Chemical Research in Japan decided to do the sums.

      They have found that any matter travelling through adds positive
      energy to the wormhole. That unexpectedly collapses it into a black
      hole, a supermassive region with a gravitational pull so strong not
      even light can escape.

      But there's a way to stop any would-be traveller being crushed into
      oblivion. And it lies with a strange energy field nicknamed "ghost
      radiation". Predicted by quantum theory, ghost radiation is a
      negative energy field that dampens normal positive energy. Similar
      effects have been shown experimentally to exist.

      Delicate balance

      Ghost radiation could therefore be used to offset the positive
      energy of the travelling matter, the researchers have found. Add
      just the right amount and it should be possible to prevent the
      wormhole collapsing - a lot more and the wormhole could be widened
      just enough for someone to pass through.

      It would be a delicate operation, however. Add too much negative
      energy, the scientists discovered, and the wormhole will briefly
      explode into a new universe that expands at the speed of light, much
      as astrophysicists say ours did immediately after the big bang.

      For now, such space travel remains in the realm of thought
      experiments. The CERN Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland is
      expected to generate one mini-black hole per second, a potential
      source of wormholes through which physicists could try to send
      quantum-sized particles.

      But sending a person would be another thing. To keep the wormhole
      open wide enough would take a negative field equivalent to the
      energy that would be liberated by converting the mass of Jupiter.
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