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Nov 1

Re: Archangel: a dansguardian alternative

Yes Justin, I'd LOVE to try out Archangel! My name is Fred McKinney, and I live in the greater St. Louis metropolitan area and have had an idea in mind for a
Oct 17

Re: time limits syntax

I suggest you retry asking in English... 2014-02-25 18:47 GMT+02:00 albert dupont < dupont76@... > : bonjour à tous, j'ai squid3 et dg qui fonctionne sur
E.S. Rosenberg
Sep 28

Re: Uploads timeout (connection reset)

I may be wrong but I believe that's a setting somewhere... (Don't have a DG machine here to check right now) 2014-04-29 12:24 GMT+03:00 walou
E.S. Rosenberg
Sep 28

Re: DansGuardian as a browser add-on?

This is kind of a late reply, but better late then never I guess... I believe that for filtering to be effective it has to be implemented above/below the level
E.S. Rosenberg
Aug 11

DansGuardian as a browser add-on?

I've been wanting to create a filtered Linux distribution for some time. I had originally thought about using DansGuardian with it, and I was even able to
Jun 30

Re: Blanket Block and https sites not working

Hello. I did not block anything. I've used the "blanket block" feature of DansGuardian. This feature is described in "/etc/dansguardian/listsf1/bannedsitelist"
May 26

Re: Blanket Block and https sites not working

On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 6:29 AM, 'c.walou' c.walou@... ... ​How do you have the proxy configured? Transparent proxy, or in-line proxy (browser
Freddie Cash
May 21

Re: Blanket Block and https sites not working

Your question is way to general, how did you try to block it? 2015-05-20 16:29 GMT+03:00 'c.walou' c.walou@...
E.S. Rosenberg
May 21

Blanket Block and https sites not working

Hello, I've tried to use blanket block (white list) mode with httpS sites but without success. Do you have a suggestion ? Regards, Klaas
May 20

Re: Recent SPAM to the list

I don't like the spam either. It's a moderation matter. It's up to the moderators to ban spammers from the list and to delete their messages from the
May 18

Re: Archangel: a dansguardian alternative

Dear Team, ... The main issue for me with qlproxy is that is is proprietary. ... -- Nick Urbanik http://nicku.org nicku@... GPG:
Nick Urbanik
Apr 17

Re: Archangel: a dansguardian alternative

Dear Justin, Thank you for this. ... I am running it, and am unsure how to set up squid for this. I have the bump-ssl working with interception, and archangel
Nick Urbanik
Apr 17


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Terrance Tevlone
Mar 1

Re: Compressed pages aren't filtered properly

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Jan 28
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