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Re: Is it possible to allow full web access for a specific user-agen ... basic knowledge of DG, you can have squid instances on both "sides" of DG. Using a useragent is imho not a good idea and your worry about support is
E.S. Rosenberg
Apr 22
Re: Is it possible to allow full web access for a specific user-agen Greetings, So indirectly, you are confirming me that there is no way to configure DansGuardian to control access via user-agents. Is there a way to have Squid
Apr 22
Re: install dansguardian + ntlm You need to provide more details if you want anyone to try and help you...
E.S. Rosenberg
Apr 10
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Re: Is it possible to allow full web access for a specific user-agen Basic authentication works from all devices, you can also tell squid to change the source IP or pass a user/pass to the next proxy based on rules in squid.
E.S. Rosenberg
Apr 3
Re: Trying to do a simple configuration After you remove uncofigured you should basically have filtered internet for the languages with which DG ships, if you are worried about multi-byte unicode
E.S. Rosenberg
Apr 3
Trying to do a simple configuration I'm trying to run Dansguardian as a web content filter in a small public library. We're changing to Linuxmint 16 Cinnamon because of the end of support for
Mar 29
Is it possible to allow full web access for a specific user-agent? Greetings, In my current Squid setup, I am using a white list to control access. This way, my young kids are really restricted to which site they can venture
Hans Deragon
Mar 28
install dansguardian + ntlm Hi all any of you can help me? I'm trying to configure the danguardian to authenticate with my active directory but I can not get e e been looking but not
Mar 25
Re: Allowing World of WarCraft to Bypass ... You have to open the 3724 TCP port in Squid/Squid3 by creating the following line in squid.conf acl Safe_ports port 3724 And then open the same port in
Jaime Rosario Justicia
Mar 22
(no subject) Hello, I am running a private network. Here is my setup PC -- SERVER -- Router -- Internet router has port 80 blocked for all IP in the to
(no author)
Mar 12
Re: time limits syntax I suggest you retry asking in English... ... I suggest you retry asking in English... 2014-02-25 18:47 GMT+02:00 albert dupont < dupont76@... > :  
E.S. Rosenberg
Mar 9
Re: Dans Guardian Usage Query What are you trying to accomplish? Regardless of whether or not dg is being updated it seems the site suggests you can't download dg from dg.org directly
E.S. Rosenberg
Mar 9
Dans Guardian Usage Query Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all, I'm working as an intern with a software development company and at the moment we've got an app that uses web filtering to
Mar 5
time limits syntax bonjour à tous, j'ai squid3 et dg qui fonctionne sur une passerelle. Je souhaiterai attribuer des horaires de connection en fonction de chaque utilisateur.
albert dupont
Feb 25
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Feb 17
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Re: Dans Guardian on Windows Server 2003 - HELP for a Noobie. Hi Martin, so is dansguardian running in a virtual machine? Best regards Christian
Christian Pilling
Feb 12
Dans Guardian on Windows Server 2003 - HELP for a Noobie. Hi. I have been asked by a school to fix their internet filtering after their previous IT person left. Now I have some limited experience with Linux based OS
Feb 11
Re: Dansguardian and Squid I have squid 3.3.x + DG running fine in a home setting, it was never checked under heavier loads though.... At work we never really used DG because we had an
E.S. Rosenberg
Jan 26
Re: Dansguardian and Squid I have a script that configures both squid3 and dansguardian. It takes seconds and use the urlbigblacklist with 6 filtergroups. Sent from my iPhone
Jaime Rosario Justicia
Jan 25
Re: Dansguardian and Squid On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 9:29 AM, Julian Pilfold-Bagwell < ... I am looking at all options. Been looking at qlproxy also. I think my problem may come down to
Scott Mayo
Jan 24
Re: Dansguardian and Squid At the moment, I'm running Squid 3.1.19 on Ubuntu and so far it's been OK. I was looking at switching to something lighter weight but without DG, Squid ran
Julian Pilfold-Bagwell
Jan 24
Dansguardian and Squid Does DG work with the latest version of Squid alright? I thought I read somewhere that it did not with version 3. I really don't want to start out already
Scott Mayo
Jan 24
Re: Slow performance. Blimey, might be time to upgrade. If you're running Windows server or Samba 4, you can drop in a duplicate machine, set it up with 2.12 and move groups of
Julian Pilfold-Bagwell
Jan 24
Re: Slow performance. On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 10:08 AM, Julian Pilfold-Bagwell < ... *whistles innocently* Well, I am still on version 2.8. I am in the midst of trying to setup
Scott Mayo
Jan 23
Re: Slow performance. ... On ours, we haven't slowed down after two days but we also set up two small 1U servers (short cases like a switch with mini-itx boards) and split the users
Julian Pilfold-Bagwell
Jan 23
Re: Slow performance. ... Well, it bottle necked back up again today. Nothing like it was, but still too slow. Here is a bit of info when it was running slow. While watching top,
Scott Mayo
Jan 23
Re: Slow performance. Good to hear it works better now. Keeping an eye on the number of DG processes vs. maxchildren setting seems a good idea to prevent the next bottleneck. Cheers
Jan 22
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Re: Slow performance. Ok, I have to add an additional grep to the netstat command. With netstat -np | grep dansguardian | grep -v it's possible catching connections in
Jan 22
Re: Slow performance. ... I upped max children to a thousand and since then, everything has been going well. Not sure why it ran OK on NTLM auth but needed this for LDAP. Not
Julian Pilfold-Bagwell
Jan 22
Re: Slow performance. ... Curios about that netstat command. When I do a 'ps aux | grep dansguardian | wc' it shows about 335. (at that moment) When i do a 'netstat -np | grep
Scott Mayo
Jan 22
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