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Re: [dannykaye] Re: "If God would have wanted MORE discussion"

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  • Marie Ridley
    Hi David, Hi all, I am so sorry I ve been kind of off line lately - I haven t deserted you lot I promise! Family concerns have kept me away from you and no
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 1, 2000
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      Hi David, Hi all,

      I am so sorry I've been kind of off line lately - I haven't deserted you lot
      I promise! Family concerns have kept me away from you and no doubt will in
      the future months but I'll do my best to keep in touch.

      Hello all my wonderful friends and a big, big, Welcome to all you new
      people. To introduce myself, I'm Marie, originally from London but now
      living on the sunny (!?ahem!) south coast of England.

      I attach my list of Danny stuff for all you new people. By the way for all
      those receiving the Danny Kaye Saga scans, we are nearly at an end. I think
      the last scans I sent you were 98 & 99 and there are 108 in total. I hope
      you enjoyed them all as I was so very happy to share them with you all. I
      also have a copy of Nobody's Fool. If anyone on this fabulous list would
      like me to scan this one in too, you know I would. Let me know and perhaps
      I'll start a private mail like the last one.

      I'm sorry, but for those of you who are new from the last few months, I
      should explain that I have a copy of the book 'The Danny Kaye Saga' written
      by Kurt Singer and published in 1957. I know from experience it's a sod to
      get hold of so I have scanned it for those members of the list who asked for
      it. I sent approx 3 - 6 scans a week (off line to personal email). (I hope
      I didn't flood you lot!). If there are any new members who would like me to
      send the scans from the beginning to them, please let me know - I am ALWAYS
      happy to assist a fellow Danny fan if I possibly can.

      Now, going way back I know I told everyone that I had a cd writer. I am
      sorry but I have not yet managed to tranfer my own records onto CD so, for
      the moment, I won't be able to do yours, however! If you would like me to
      record a CD for you, If you send me a blank CD (must be audio and not
      computer CDs and can be purchased from most record shops/electrical shops
      etc) I will tape whatever I have got or whatever you want and send it back.
      Most blank CDs hold about 74 minutes worth and seeing as in Danny's day
      songs were shorter - there would be room for plenty. Again - let me know
      off list if you are interested.

      Finally, my video is still not working so I am very, very sorry to those of
      you I promised videos to. I really will let you know when I have sorted
      them out.

      Enough said for now I think (making up for lost time eh!).

      Much love especially to Cesar, Len, Dara, Donna and Co. Also Freek (I am
      still indebted to you for so much).


      PS. I remember long ago someone promised to tape me a copy of Danny
      conducting - was it you? If it was, is there any chance you would do it for
      me? Please? LOL.
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