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BHX is wying power now, 30t will follow them 2 east through the yards at Conklin. some one wants to head north, but three, 2 off the hill and 253 will run
John Young
9:16 AM

Pennsy's back in town

Stuck in the middle again, the Pennsy Heritage is north on the hill towards Micky'ville.. It is having issues with he box, so it is a B unit once again... JJ
John Young
9:05 AM

Dick Cooper Time Book - 1970s

5/14/70, job WR1, power 711-609-710, through freight rate, marked on Oneonta 12:15 PM, 0:45 initial terminal delay, marked off Whitehall 6:15 PM, on duty 6:00,
4:55 AM

Dick Cooper Time Book - Rio Grande

10/17/57, hostler, hostler rate, marked on Alamosa 8:00 PM, marked off Alamosa 3:59 AM, on duty 7:59, paid $18.71 for 100 miles.
Apr 18

Re: Rouses Point

Indeed Gary. It was unexpected. Frank
Apr 17

Re: Rouses Point

Excellent catch Frank! That CN 529 turns out to be a very rare appearance of MBTA engines in Canada...........if only temporarily. Gary ... From:
Gary Knapp
Apr 17

Re: Rouses Point

Here are some shots of CN 529-D&H 931 taken on the Rouses Point Subdivision on April 9th Canadian National 529, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu Qc April 9 2015 -
Apr 17

Dick Cooper Time Book - 1967

2/7/67, job RW6, power 5010-5000, through freight rate, marked on Rouses Point 10:45 PM, marked off Whitehall 7:00 AM, on duty 8:15, paid $27.53 for 124 miles,
Apr 17

updates from Binghamton

12t has died in Halstead and the cab is takingĀ  the HO1 crew to their an relieve them, the 22k (CP 934) has closed up the switches at QD, lined and locked
John Young
Apr 16

Re: Fwd: MAJOR NEWS: NKP 765 Excursions Coming!!!

Possibly one of the virtues of NS acquisition of D&H South!
Apr 16

Steam returns to Binghamton in 2015

NS trips around the Tier with Nickel Plate 765 http://nscorp.com/content/nscorp/en/news/class-j-611-homecomingtokickoffnorfolksouthern21stcenturysteamex.html
John Young
Apr 16

Fwd: MAJOR NEWS: NKP 765 Excursions Coming!!!

Sharing from CP Sunbury email list. NKP 765 coming to Steamtown for Railfest 2015 and the weekend that Nicholson celebrates the 100th anniversary of the
Josh Stull
Apr 16

Dick Cooper Time Book - Binghamton

4/29/77, job AP3/BA6 (Binghamton turn), power on AP3 (Oneonta to Binghamton) 7314-409-415-608-7323-7601-7417-7603, power on BA6 (Binghamton to Oneonta)
Apr 16

High & Wide Northbound

Just passed Schenectady on Amtrak 281, there's a high & wide behind a pair of GE's looking like its ready to start moving up the line. The load isn't anything
Jered Slusser
Apr 15

Re: CSX Montreal Secondary

Yahoo group is here: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/csx_st_lawrence_subdivision/info Group isn't as active as it used to be as I'm no longer living in
Joe Hance
Apr 15
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