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Lammas Giveaway and much more!

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  • Kelli Lincoln
    Full Moon Blessings, everyone! Our first Harvest is just around the corner already! The Giveaway this time is for a 6-inch Lammas Kore, and you can see her
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      Full Moon Blessings, everyone!


      Our first Harvest is just around the corner already! The Giveaway this time is for a 6-inch Lammas Kore, and you can see her (and her sisters) on this page. I also have a pocket version of the Lammas Kore available in the etsy shop, as well as a pocket Lammas/mini altar cloth set. I plan to make more of these Sabbat sets, which are like instant altarspaces. So cute!


      As long as you are checking out the etsy shop, be sure to look for the awesome baby quilt and pillow I made which features embroideries of nine Gods. There are also some great purses which were originally designed for small children to collect treasures, but there’s no reason people of all ages can’t use them. I find it a convenient size for errands, actually! And speaking of etsy and children, I also want to direct you to my daughter Rhanna’s new shop, called Rhanna’s Room. She has her own style (you will notice), and also plans to add many fun mermaid and fairy offerings, so check back with her! J


      Also on the Giveaway page is the newest animal totem Goddess, Hawk (Falcon). She came out so nicely! Soon all of the animal totems will have their own page; I am going to re-structure the website somewhat soon, mainly because there are so many Goddesses now! And more to come, of course! Soon you will meet Sunna (Norse Goddess of the Sun) and Estanatlehi (Navaho Turquoise Sky Goddess), not to mention my special project to honor my home state of California , the Goddess Califia. I’m also finishing a very special couple, TreeFather and TreeMother, my homage to the sacred Big Sur area which was so horribly burned this month. I very much look forward to sharing them with you.


      The last thing to tell you about is my upcoming schedule and the plan for Winter Solstice ordering. I will be gone for a lot of August, off to a family reunion and then a big trip to Yellowstone (woo!), so if you email me order during those times away, don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear back immediately. The current wait-time for new orders is late September, which means that if you order something in the next week or two, that’s when you will receive your package. I keep this information updated on the Ordering page of the website.


      In an effort to organize my time wisely this holiday season, I am experimenting with a new system which I hope will be easy to understand. I normally don’t accept holiday orders after Samhain, but, rather notoriously, find it hard to say no when someone asks nicely in November and then I become a crazy person because it turns out – gasp – days don’t magically grow longer just because I need the extra hours! LOL. So I’ve created a finite number of available doll orders, in the form of gift certificates, which are available in the etsy shop. To place a holiday order, just purchase one of the gift certificates and then we will do the rest through email as we normally do. If you buy one now (or soon) to hold your spot, you will still have some time to make your final decisions; all orders do need to be finalized by Samhain though so I have enough time to finish them for Solstice/Chanukah/Christmas. I hope this system will allow you – and I!! -  to see if I still have room in my holiday basket to take another order without making me into a frantic lunatic. ;)


      I look forward to hearing from you all, and good luck in the Lammas drawing!


      Love and Blessings,

      ~ Kelli


      Dancing Goddess Dolls

      Playful and Spiritually-Inspired Dolls and Embroidered Gifts


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