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Mabon giveaway and an update

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  • Kelli Lincoln
    Hello, all, It is with some personal disappointment that I send this month s update. I had such plans (you should see the state of my sewing room, with all of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2005
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      Hello, all,
      It is with some personal disappointment that I send this month's update. I had such plans (you should see the state of my sewing room, with all of its unfinished projects) for stocking my store for the holidays, but I am going to have to admit defeat in the face of pregnancy. When I am pregnant I get really terrible carpel tunnel in my hands and arms, and although I was hoping to make it to October (at least!), I have been pretty much unable to use my right hand for the last week, and I don't think it's going to let up until I have this baby. I am unable to grip a hairbrush or use a fork very well at this point, so handsewing with a small needle is definitely impossible! Although writing this acknowledges my personal frustration, I am also trying to embrace my body's wisdom in helping me to slow down and just focus on the coming baby, so I'm sure it will be okay.
      Having said all this, I am still having my Mabon giveaway! This is a special holy day for me because my first baby is a Mabon baby (well, the 19th, but still. . . ;)  This time I am giving away a 2" pocket Goddess - Corn Mother Sif. She is perfect for your Autumn altar. If you'd like to have your name in the drawing to win her, just pop me an email, which, by the way, is a NEW address: mamakelli@..., by Friday, September 16th.
      (You can see Sif, plus a few new pocket Goddesses I've added here: http://www.dancinggoddessdolls.com/id106.htm
      I've also added the enigmatic Isis, finally! You can see her here: http://www.dancinggoddessdolls.com/id130.htm   (one available at the moment). A little Sophia has also been finished, but I normally don't use the 6" dolls for the "official" portraits, so I will add her page once I finish her larger size. If you have any other Goddesses you'd like to see join their sisters, do let me know. There's still a long list of requested Goddesses, but as long as I won't be sewing for a while, at least I can be planning and dreaming of the new Ladies for next year. :)
      The store cupboard is already more bare than I'd like, but there are a few new altar cloths and pocket Goddesses there.
      You may also still order Goddess Cards - thinking ahead to a Samhain sale, I am offering 8 Samhain cards for $13 - please order by October's New Moon (the 3rd) so there is time for me to send to you and you to send to your friends before the big day!
      I know we are all thinking about our brothers and sisters down in the South this week - I sincerely hope all of your families are safe and sound in Katrina's wake.
      Thank you all for your continued support and patience,
      Many Blessings,

      Dancing Goddess Dolls
      Playful and Spiritually-Inspired Dolls, Quilts, Cards, and Gifts
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