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Beltane Winner and one more Giveaway

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  • Kelli
    Congratulations to our first Beltane winner, Gwenneth Stellanger! And now there s a chance to win a different doll for Beltane! Rhanna wants to Giveaway one of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2013
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    Congratulations to our first Beltane winner, Gwenneth Stellanger! 
    And now there's a chance to win a different doll for Beltane! 
    Rhanna wants to Giveaway one of her Dancing Daughters, so I thought it would be fun to pair that up with a poll of sorts. To enter to win this cute Beltane doll, reply to this email with your favorite dolls from this list of 150 (!) from my website (photo attached, and you can also see all their photos and stories here:http://dancinggoddessdolls.com/id3.htm). This will help me plan the next batch of dolls for sale. (In the realm of "requests-not-orders.") I'm not sure if I will have such a large sale for Litha, so some of these might not manifest until Lammas. I also wonder what sizes you are mostly interested in...the 6" size seems to be popular because it feels a little more substantial to cuddle, but is so much more affordable than the largest size, but of course the largest size has more intricate embroideries, and the minis can go anywhere. So which do you prefer? :)

    I'll do the Giveaway on Friday, but answer the poll anytime!
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