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Big changes for Dancing Goddess Dolls

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  • Kelli
    Hello, everyone! I m mostly moved in and learning about my new neighborhood here in the Pacific Northwest (I m in the Seattle area now, as surreal as that is
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      Hello, everyone! I'm mostly moved in and learning about my new neighborhood here in the Pacific Northwest (I'm in the Seattle area now, as surreal as that is for me!)

      I no longer have a studio, and my kids are going to be involved in a lot more activities here, so my schedule will be changing. In fact, I've made some major changes in how I will be launching Goddesses out into the world, so please read the following (which is cut and pasted from the new FAQ page on my website). Let me know if you have any other questions I can add answers for in that FAQ. 

      All of my wares are handmade by me, one at a time, which allows for a lot of attention to detail, but is also time consuming. Nine years ago, I only had two children and a handful of fans, but since then I've been blessed with two more children and thousands of new fans, and no more hours in the week, so something has to change. I'm keeping the kids. LOL ;)

      Supply and demand economics tells me I should significantly raise my prices to cut down on my 3-4 month waiting list, but it's always been important to me to keep my Goddesses as accessible as possible, so that doesn't seem like a good solution to me. This isn't a business for me, it's more of an offering; it's a way for me to connect with the Divine Feminine, both personally and through other peole seeking the same connection. For this reason, I feel like I need to protect the positive energy and pure intentions that surround my art, which means that for life-balance, I need to change some things, at least for now while my youngest children still need so much of my time.


      1. How do I get my own Goddess (or God) doll?

      About a week before every Sabbat, I offer a new collection of dolls (and other wares like travel altars or calendars, as time allows) in my Etsy shop (and possibly one other location, TBA). These are available on a first-come-first-served basis, so to stay in the loop you should join myFacebook page, or for more reliable notifications, my Yahoo group. (Facebook only shows my announcements to about 15-20% of my fans, so to be certain of hearing about the Sabbat Sales, emails from my Yahoo mailing list would be much more reliable.) Payment is through Paypal. I ship worldwide.

      Each Sabbat will celebrate a different theme, mainly rotating through regions of the world. This will help you know when during the year you can anticipate the Goddess of your choice popping up in the Sabbat Sale. See the Calendar below for more information.

      Dolls listed in the Etsy shop will be available for four weeks, then I will remove anything unsold. (Just so you know ahead of time that unsold dolls will not be available for months and months.)

      2. Are you no longer making customized dolls??

      Well, not as many. I don't want to stop taking custom orders entirely, because sometimes nothing else will do. And also, I love collaborating with you all! I will include a handful of Custom Order offerings in the Sabbat Sales on Etsy, which you can purchase just like a regular doll, and then you and I will work out the customization through email. After purchasing your Custom Order slot, your doll should arrive in about 4-5 weeks. I will offer more custom orders near Samhain, in anticipation of the Yule holiday season. Custom Orders will be priced slightly higher than already-made dolls, due to the extra time involved in creating them. More information on how Custom Orders work will be available on the actual Etsy listings.

      3. Is there any other way for me to request a doll?

      I will be putting up an interactive poll for each Sabbat, to allow requests which match up with the given theme. I can't promise all requests will be filled, but I will use the polls to help me create each Sabbat's collection. All the dolls will still go into the Etsy shop at the same time though, so you'll need to keep informed to see when they are listed so you can snap up your favorites.

      4. Will you still offer a Wheel of the Year Club?

      I will offer entry into the Wheel of the Year Club twice a year (on the Solstices). There will be listings available in the Etsy shop on the Solstices (so again, you can plan ahead), but they will be available for one week only.

      5. Do you do wholesale?

      Still no. :) (Nothing about my creations is mass-produced, so that just doesn't work.)

      6. Will you still do Giveaways?

      Yes! I will announce the Giveaways at the same time that I list offerings in the Etsy shop, once per Sabbat. For people new to the group, I give away a doll or altar cloth for each Sabbat, by random drawing. Entry is through the Facebook page or through email (notifications go through the Yahoo group mentioned above).

      7. Will you still offer Gods, travel altars, calendars, and altar cloths?

      Yes, I will try to include a little of everything in my Sabbat Sales. You know how I like to keep it spicy and interesting. ;)

       Dancing Goddess Calendar for 2012/2013

      Mabon: Celtic
      Ostara: Celtic, Fantasy, New Creations
      Beltane: Middle Eastern, Flowers, MusesLadies for Haiti
      Lammas: Native American, Animal Totems, Ladies for Haiti

      I'll be doing the polls, for requesting which Goddesses to see at each Sabbat (I especially look forward to seeing the voting for 'Favorites' and 'New Creations'!) on Facebook, but I'll be relying on this Yahoo group for guaranteed-to-be-delivered announcements. If you have friends that might be interested in playing along, please make sure they are a part of this Yahoo group. This should be a fun adventure; I hope you'll enjoy accompanying me!
      I'll be in touch next time with the Lammas Giveaway! Many blessings to all,
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