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Another hiatus; only taking orders until March 1st

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  • Kelli
    The Lincoln Gypsies are loading up the wagon and moving on again. Yes, for those of you keeping track at home (get out the scorecard!), this is the third time
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 16, 2012
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      The Lincoln Gypsies are loading up the wagon and moving on again. Yes, for those of you keeping track at home (get out the scorecard!), this is the third time in the last three years. No, we aren't in the military, or the witness protection program. We joke that this is the only surefire way to clean out the garage, but our itchy feet have a bigger plan, in all honesty.


      When we were just starting our lives together, Abe and I had big plans to travel all over the place, and as we embraced homeschooling, we had even bigger plans to share big wide world with our children. Well, Life Happens, and now travelling, in the tradition sense,  isn't really an option. Just the logistics and expense of getting six people around would be challenging enough, but Emrys' illness and disability makes it nearly impossible. For the price of a two-week family vacation, we can move the whole household to a new place, to see and explore at a pace that works for everyone in our family. So while we aren't in a position to visit Stonehenge or the Coliseum, we can try for Glacier National Park, the prehistoric ruins of Cahokia, the Smithsonian Museum, and the World's Largest Ball of Twine. I mean, really, what homeschooling education is complete without TWINE??


      Abe and I have moved 11 times in the 22 years since we first started living together (can you believe we're still on speaking terms? haha), and this will be #12 in 2012. We're trading otters, orcas, and condors for moose, wolves, and bear, heading up to Northern Idaho, if everything goes according to our Not-Totally-Worked-Out-Plan. Where will we be in 2014? You'll have to stay tuned (because we have no idea!!!)  ;)


      What this means for DGD is another hiatus. How you put up with me I have no idea. ;)

      My queue for April is filling up, and now I need to take orders for May/June/July/August, all within the next two weeks. If you know you want a Goddess gift for someone during that time period, it would be good to get your order in before March 1st, when I will stop taking orders for a few months. I will keep sewing for the next two months, making deliveries through April and May, but then I need to pack and move during June and July, and hopefully I can get back online, unpack and get organized enough to start taking orders again around Lammas (when no doubt Christmas/Solstice orders will already begin trickling in. . .DGD is one big exercise in Thinking Ahead!)


      I'm working on about 30 items to get in the Etsy shop, and I'm going to take a lesson from Katwise with this latest grouping and let you know ahead of time before they all get listed. I've had some complaints comments about how quickly things sometimes sell, and that it's not fair to miss out on the chance to buy just because someone doesn't happen to be online when I post the item on FB. I may try for the New Moon on the 21st; I'll let you know the time and what will be available, and then post all the goodies at once so there's more of an equal opportunity at the first-come-first-serve. Hope this works to make more people happier. I'm all about happy. :)


      If you write in with an order, please be patient. I promise to reply eventually, but, as ever (!), there's a lot more going on here than there are hours in the day. And now I'm cleaning the garage, too! LOL. (Things I didn't mind schlepping 100 miles might not make the 1000-mile cut!) :)



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