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Imbolc Giveaway!

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  • Kelli
    Happy New Moon and Year of the Water Dragon, everyone, from the central coast of California where we have FINALLY gotten a smidgen of rain over the last couple
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2012
      Happy New Moon and Year of the Water Dragon, everyone, from the central coast of California where we have FINALLY gotten a smidgen of rain over the last couple of days, after several months of nothing but sunshine and mild temperatures. This is the most non-wintery Winter ever! I hardly feel like it's time to celebrate Imbolc and the return of Spring when it sort of still feels like Autumn! Well, maybe some of you will have had some cold and snow to celebrate, so I guess I won't cancel Imbolc. ;) 

      I made some new little thingies and I'm giving one away. I'm calling them, for lack of anything truly unique (yet), 
      Crazy Microquilt-Altar Cloth-Mug Rug-Snack Mat-Mini Placemat Thingies  (hahaha) and you can see the first little batch up on Etsy in the Quilty Things category, but you will need to visit the Giveaway page on my website to see the particular one I'm putting up for this Giveaway. It's a Crazy Microquilt-Altar Cloth-Mug Rug-Snack Mat-Mini Placemat Thingy with a Brigid theme, showcasing embroideries of Brigid's Cross, a flaming moon cauldron, a triple moon, Brigid Herself, and her name, too. :)  

      I'm sure you are asking yourself, "But Kelli, where did you come up with this idea for the Crazy Microquilt-Altar Cloth-Mug Rug-Snack Mat-Mini Placemat Thingy™??" Well, several years ago during a particularly stressful period of life, I started taking time each afternoon to sit down at the table with a cup of tea in my fanciest and most expensive china, just a small break from the day to breathe in the scent of jasmine tea and reflect on how pleasurable a few quiet moments can be. I have found that taking fifteen minutes to focus on a cup of tea (without conversation, reading, or looking at a screen of any kind!) can be very calming. Adding a Goddess to focus on can only help the stress levels fall even more, don't you think?? I do love the idea of a small quilted placemat that can be used to center and focus during an afternoon cuppa, and I encourage you to give it a try (even without a trademarked Thingy!) I, myself, have gotten out of the habit, and pledge to bring back the Moment of Zen! Let me know how it goes for you.

      On the paperwork/housekeeping side of things, I need to give a shoutout to anyone who might have been overlooked at the beginning of this month. If you tried to contact me with new orders and HAVEN'T heard from me, please try me again. I think I caught up with everyone, but have the suspicion that I may have overlooked one or two, especially if your message came through Facebook. I have a really hard time organizing FB messages, so email is really preferable. My mother-in-law died early in the month, and then Emrys had a strange epileptic episode, and I seem to have lost two weeks from reality, so my apologies for being a really terrible secretary. I'm better at the sewing machine. :)

      Many Imbolc Blessings to you,

      PS - The Giveaway drawing will be this Thursday, January 26th!
      PPS - I am being very silly with the    joke.
      PPPS - The Moment of Zen works with coffee or apple cider too, if you don't enjoy tea. :)

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