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75Performers wanted for MGT

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  • boethius@bellsouth.net
    Sep 20 11:21 AM
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      The following is forwarded on behalf of Her Excellency Katherine of the Wode, Baroness Iron Mountain:

      "I am the entertainment coordinator for MGT this weekend. We are planning on having singers, musicians, jugglers and other artist perform between the tournaments, as they walk through the pavilions. I have spoke to many about performing there, but for those I haven't had a chance to speak with, I will be arriving on-site Friday evening and will be at my Pavilion Saturday morning. We are trying to have entertainment between the tourneys all day. With 5 tourneys there will be 4 breaks for entertainment. If we have enough performers and time, we can have entertainment before the Grand Tournament. If you need to contact me before MGT my contact info is on the front page of the MGT website.
      Baroness Katherine of the Wode"