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35Re: [dancer-musiciancompendium] Plea for help

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  • c. staebler
    Dec 6, 2009

      Siobhan, AOA, Middle Kingdom, Shire of Falcon's Quary (Mundanely, Elyria, Ohio.) Our shire just started a local dance practice once a month during the revel.

      Other SCA Interests: Costuming, bardic, music

      Email Address (optional): shibhan@...

      # of Years Dancing: 10, but until recently our opportunities to dance were extremely limited (as in Pennsic only.)

      Research Focus: Japanese court dance, Chinese folk dance (no surprise, but English translations are a big problem.)...adding Hungarian dance at request of shire members

      Beneficial Books/Articles/Websites (Dance Related): Do you mean what resources do we have? or what expertise can we provide?
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