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31Re: [dancer-musiciancompendium] Plea for help

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  • Tracey Duncan
    Dec 6, 2009
      The link is not working for me.

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      From: Nicole S <Janeeve2001@...>
      To: dancer-musiciancompendium@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sun, December 6, 2009 12:33:33 PM
      Subject: [dancer-musiciancompendium] Plea for help


      Hi all,

      I am prepping to release the Dancer/Musician Compendium in less than a month! Yay!

      However, I've received less than 15 people total! (Boo!) Although the group is from a very diverse group, I was hoping to release the Compendium with at lest 50-100 people.

      My plea: Please send the following information to every/any list or person that you think would be interested in being listed in this project. Of course you can craft the email yourself, but I want to be sure that certain information is included.

      The goal date to receive the bulk of the participants is December 18th. This is not the due date, because participants will be accepted on an ongoing basis. But, I still need more than 13 people (combined total of dancers and musicians) to unveil it with gusto!

      So, without further ado... 'the info'

      ************ *

      Lady Jane Milford, OM of the East Kingdom is in the process of creating a (unofficial* ) Dancer-Musician Compendium, in an effort to bring the Dance & Music Communities closer together and make both dancers and musicians more accessible within the SCA and the world at large.

      As it stands travelling dancers and musicians are having a difficult time obtaining information on Practice locations, Individuals in charge of practices, Musical groups, and/or Local variations of dances and music.

      Dancers and musicians (of any skill level) are welcome to complete the appropriate form(s), and email them to Lady Jane at janeeve2001@ yahoo.com.

      The forms are located here: http://www.originso fplayforddance. com/dancer_ musician_ compendium. htm.

      You are also welcome to join the Dancer Musician Compendium Yahoo Group: http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/dancer- musiciancompendi um/

      Please feel free to forward this on to other dancers and musicians who may be interested in becoming involved.

      * It's called unofficial because, while allowed by the SCA, it is not an official document of the SCA.

      ************ *
      Thank you for all of your support and assistance! :)

      Also, if you do email any lists, please let me know so I don't double bombard people!

      Yours in Service:

      Lady Jane

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