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My dawg

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  • morty_baby
    I LOVE beer gardens. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Sun..beer....buncha rowdy ppl...who could ask for anything more? Anyway SOME beergardens don t allow my best
    Message 1 of 157 , Jun 2, 2001
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      I LOVE beer gardens. LOVE LOVE LOVE them.<br>
      Sun..beer....buncha rowdy ppl...who could ask for anything more?<br>
      Anyway SOME beergardens don't allow my best friend (my
      dawg who<br> doesn't talk back/NEVER tells tales about
      what I do/AND is a LAP<br> dawg)<br> in to them...so I
      jest letted him in on his own self and pretended that
      he<br> wasn't my dawg.<br> At one Par-TIC-ular b/g..he
      walked in by his self and some woman<br> exclaimed..oooh
      what a CUTE dawg! (he was...think miniature<br>
      sheepdawg) and he promptly went up to the pic-a-nic table
      they were<br> sitting at swilling beer and backed up
      to it and took a BIG DUMP right<br> there in front
      of EVERYONE.<br> Well I thought it was the funniest
      thing I had seen being as it wasn't<br> planned or
      anything betwixt us ahead of time...I calmly walked on by
      the scene of<br> destruction and pretended it wasn't
      my dawg....<br><br>..Morticia~give me a sunny day
      and a beergarden, a BLACK dawg named Toby and beer
      cans squashed on both shoes and I am in 7th heaven..
    • morty_baby
      I can t find the ABMC anymore! Where are you? They switched us over but it s not on my groups list.
      Message 157 of 157 , Feb 15, 2002
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        I can't find the ABMC anymore!<br>Where are you?<br>They switched us over but it's not on my groups list.
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