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Re: My next Sunday Night

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  • morty_baby
    Ow. Ow ow ow. My haid hurts today. And I don t know why. I have an inkling though
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2002
      Ow ow ow.
      My haid hurts today.
      And I don't know why. I have an inkling though <---INKling..what a
      strange werd. Inkling inkling It's difficult to type that when my haid
      hurts. I think it is a Bad Idea to get xmess booze 25 days before
      xmess then leave me unattended with it.
      Just wait till the unit sees all the rum that isn't there anymore.
      And Bailey's and KahLUa <---I actually had to get out of my chair to
      look at how it is spellled and while I was there I had to check the
      level of said Kah-LU a <--I actually had ot get out my chair AGAIN to
      ..you know. The dawg and I watched "Single White Female" last night.
      I lob that movie. That and 'Looking for Mr Goodbar' are two movies
      that should be a *must watch* for every female on the planet. My kid
      is going to be a TWEENager on the 9th and I am going to INSIST that
      she watch those 2 movies with me. You can never start too soon to
      edgeucate the dotters. I have to go see how to spell that stuff again.
      Hmm....the spelling is getting blurry. AH hahahahaa!!! I am so FUCKING
      funny sometimes that my dawg (yes THAT dawg) hides from me under the
      bed the little fuckair. Okay, I am OFF the explore etherland with my
      CABLE MODEM of DOOM. Hahaha I am really getting silly here. Good think
      I am alone alone blissfully alone. For now. *They* will return
      shortly. I guess I will have to disguise myself as a human bean for
      the rest of the FUCKING day.
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