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Be wary of getting stopped

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  • morty_baby
    ..when you re alone in your car without witnesses. I was alone when I got my recent d.u.i. and the cop never read me my rights till at least 1/2 an hr after
    Message 1 of 157 , Feb 6, 2002
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      ..when you're alone in your car without
      witnesses.<br>I was alone when I got my recent d.u.i. and the cop
      never read me my rights till at least 1/2 an hr after I
      was at the station and they wanted me to blow. I
      refused saying shouldn't I be talking to a lawyer? THAT
      is when my rights were read. Right in front of
      another cop.<br>I got the police report from my d.u.i.
      and that bitch lied. She said she read me my rights
      AT the car (her and I alone) and I refused the offer
      of a lawyer because "I'm not blowing". She did NOT
      read me my rights (something she has to do by law
      immediately) and there was NO talk about lawyers or blowing at
      all. I am not so stoopid that I would make a lame
      statement like that. IF I had decided ahead of time that I
      was going down and I wasn't going to blow I KNOW I
      would need a lawyer. That is just common sense.<br>She
      lied and there is nothing I can do about it.<br>A
      cop's word against mine.<br>They changed the time
      frames and put words in my mouth I didn't say to cover
      up in the Crown report. <br>One thing that was
      glaringly obvious that should be law is her handwritten
      notes in her notebook. The pages should be numbered at
      the printers. Like cheques and ledgers are. The first
      page went along pretty well true to fact, then the
      very next page right at the top had her giving me my
      rights and me refusing counsel.<br>I think she tore out
      the original page after she realized her error and
      rewrote it to cover her ass. What's to stop her?<br>Just
      her morals.
    • morty_baby
      I can t find the ABMC anymore! Where are you? They switched us over but it s not on my groups list.
      Message 157 of 157 , Feb 15, 2002
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        I can't find the ABMC anymore!<br>Where are you?<br>They switched us over but it's not on my groups list.
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