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  • Katje Sabin
    hi, everybodeee! i had asked for this weekend off so we could go to humboldt, but between jeff s poor ankle and missed deadlines at work (*I* didn t miss any
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2001
      hi, everybodeee!

      i had asked for this weekend off so we could go to humboldt, but between
      jeff's poor ankle and missed deadlines at work (*I* didn't miss any --
      other people did!), we didn't get to go this year. jordan, give us an
      eyewitness accounting! glad the damentos will be so ably represented...

      however, as a consolation, we are considering attending the april fool's
      fest on pier 39. maybe we'll see you there, robert! (if you haven't heard,
      it's an all-day event celebrating street performers... and most likely
      featuring some of your favorite lodi and damento stage stars! free, i

      bill and i and any kids that aren't lured by the promise of candy and eggs
      at gramma's house will be heading down to isla vista. we're taking the
      friday before and the monday after off so we can drive down early and
      spend the day monday with a friend in san luis obispo (it's the second
      anniversary of the tattoo!).

      is anyone thinking about going to the madison ija festival this year?
      we're going to take a bunch of t-shirts to sell.

      lazer vaudeville left their bus at our house for a few days last week
      during a gig in san fran... it was the talk of the neighborhood! all three
      left with shirts, which they loved (especially jeffrey, after we told him
      the little cigar-boxer on the front was named after him!). sad scoop...
      jeffrey will be leaving the troupe after this season finishes. but i have
      an idea of the new LV cast member, though it's not firm yet (hint: it's a
      guy with pierced nipples! if you guess, keep it quiet, ok? shhh! ;)

      oh! almost forgot... the damentos were invited back to juggle at picnic
      day. unless anyone really REALLY wants to do the parade, we're sitting
      that out and doing a bunch of juggling on the Wellman lawn area in the
      afternoon (1-3 i think... i'll pass it along after the paperwork comes
      through). when is it? saturday, april 21...

      see you all soon!


      % Katje Sabin, Davis, California, USA %
      > Jugglers, braids, homeschooling, journal: <
      % http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~klsabin/ %
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