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  • seyeth
    Howdy all, I m selling much of my A/V gear due to our moving to a smaller house last Spring. I was hoping to use it in the new place, but limited space won t
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2008

      Howdy all,

      I'm selling much of my A/V gear due to our moving to a smaller house last Spring. I was hoping to use it in the new place, but limited space won't allow it, not to mention my wife. So before I list these items on Audiogon, I thought I'd let members of HAS & DAC have first crack at them. All the equipment is in excellent condition, with the exception of the Shunyata power cord, which has a frayed shrink wrap at one of the ends, and deserves a good home.

      Basis Debut Signature Gold Standard Mk III turntable – in excellent condition. Includes Graham 1.5 tonearm with tungsten side-weights and ZYX Airy 2 cartridge. TT was set-up by Albert Porter. Wish I could keep this one, but it's too wide for my rack. TT without arm or cart originally sold for over $12k. Asking $3,800 including arm, cart, record clamp and original packing. A tremendous table at a steal of a price.

      Here's a stock photo of table with linear tracking arm. My table has a graham unipivot arm instead, but different arms may be used with appropriate armboard. You may have to cut & paste this link to your browser to view this photo.


      VPI HW 17F Record Cleaning Machine – Works great. The only issue is the switch lettering is wearing off. Sells for $1,295 new, asking $600.


      Thiel PowerPoint Speakers v1.0 – pair of Thiel's highly regarded on-ceiling/wall speakers in white. Originally sold for $1,300 each, asking $900 for both. http://www.thielaudio.com/THIEL_Site05/Pages/models/Current_Models/PowerPoint/pwrpt.html

      Enlightened Audio Design (EAD) PowerMaster 2000 - 5-channel amp capable of delivering 400 watts per channel into 8 ohms, all channels driven 20–20,000hz. The casework is black. EAD is no longer in business, but their equipment is still being serviced and modified by Noble Electronics.

      I'm the original owner and love this amp. It sounds great with both music & home theater. It's a beast at over 110 lbs, so I'd rather not have to ship. Originally sold for $7,200, asking $2,800. These amps are highly sought after, and don't come up for sale often on Agon.


      EAD TheaterMaster 8800 HT Processor (black) – a complimentary piece to go with the amp. In addition to DTS & Dolby Digital 7.1 processing, it also has an 8-channel analog bypass for multi-ch SACD's and the new uncompressed Blu-Ray codecs, DTS HD-Master Audio & Dolby Ture-HD. The newer Blu-Ray players can decode these formats and output them to the 7.1 analog inputs of this processor. Comes with pre-programmed Marantz (Pronto) touch-screen remote. Sold for 5K new, asking $1,000. If I didn't have to go to a receiver for space considerations, I'd keep this one.

      Sound Applications Reference Linestage Power Conditioner – currently listed on Agon. http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?powrcond&1231360843&/Sound-Application-Reference-Li

      I also have several high-end power cords available, including a Shunyata King Cobra, and Elrod EPS-2 & EPS-3 Signature with 20 amp iec.

      E-mail me with any questions or offers. Thanks.

      Ken Leibowitz - Dallas Audio Club

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