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Re: Scott Nixon power supplies

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  • jim@fmtunerinfo.com
    Hello Dennis, You may know that I ve always agreed with you on the 6DJ8 issue. I even talked with Scott about that before I bought my first DAC. It doesn t
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 7 4:48 AM
      Hello Dennis, You may know that I've always agreed with you on the
      6DJ8 issue. I even talked with Scott about that before I bought my
      first DAC. It doesn't seem to be an issue as the cathode follower in
      the Nixon's application. I've "rolled" a few tubes and have been
      happiest with a Mullard. I picked up a Telefunken this weekend and
      plan on trying it. Maybe some day I'll build a different audio stage
      but I'm as happy as can be for now. I really enjoy music through this
      DAC. I'm using a one meter pair of the interconnect you loaned me
      between the Nixon DAC and my preamp. That was a nice improvement. You
      won't be getting those back! Sorry. 8:-) I didn't figure there would
      have been an improvement but there was. I was already using Vampire
      Wire. But of course your winding, materials and RCAs are all
      different. jim...
      --- In dallasaudioclub@yahoogroups.com, "Dennis Boyle"
      <chimeraone@w...> wrote:
      > Jim,
      > As you might remember, my ears don't like the 6DJ8/6922/ECC88 tubes.
      > They have an edge that I think it due to their distortion ratiosÂ…too
      > much higher odd order harmonic distortion. I am sure this is
      > in a cathode follower application. It might be interesting to try
      > vintage E88CC European types just to see if they make a difference.
      > sound much more musical.
      > The best tube buffer stage I ever heard was 71A DHT in a cathode
      > follower configuration or better yet after it was modified to use
      > output transformers with the tube operating at a gain of 1. This
      was the
      > tail end of a line preamp that use a 6J5 for the amp stage.
      > Built by a Doctor in New Orleans who was nice enough to come up and
      > me listen to both versions after I sold him the output transformers
      > replace the ones he was using. They were some single ended
      > made by James, that cost very little and sounded pretty good. They
      > made in Taiwan and are sold on e-bay.
      > Dennis Boyle
      > Chimera Laboratories
      > Website: HYPERLINK
      > "http://www.chimeralabs.com/"http://www.chimeralabs.com/
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