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Re: Poll has ended: 9 out of 90

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  • jmlpartners
    I m one of the nine who offered to a host a meeting but perhaps my vote shouldn t be counted, just yet. You see, I am not living in TX right now but I visit
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      I'm one of the nine who offered to a host a meeting but perhaps my
      vote shouldn't be counted, just yet. You see, I am not living in TX
      right now but I visit DFW from time to time. I will be moving to the
      area in the near future and intend to host an audio meet or two in my
      new house. I've been pondering what type of gathering I'd like to
      host or attend.

      During my 50 years in this hobby I've attended audio events with
      different themes: Some were memorably bad, e.g., DIY component swap
      fests and comparos, while some were memorably good. Of the latter,
      two were demos conducted at a local hifi store. (That was back in the
      days when there were local hifi stores.) One featured Keith O.
      Johnson showing off the latest Reference Recording releases,
      comparing the LPs to the original master tapes played on his very
      special tape recorder. The LP playback system wasn't too shabby but
      the difference was astounding. The other featured Crosby-modified
      Quads with Spectral electronics, Goldmund turntable, and Brisson
      cables. Stunning sound but what made that event most memorable was it
      was the first time I heard Radka Toneff's LP, "Fairy Tales."

      Another memorable event was where the host played excerpts from his
      extensive music collection, one after the other. I didn't like some
      of his choices, but because each selection was short, I didn't have
      to suffer very long. On the other hand, other selections I really
      liked and would liked to have heard more. The idea was to introduce
      the participants to artists and genres they might not seek out on
      their own. When you heard something you liked you wrote down the
      artist/recording info and pursued learning more on your own. I was
      introduced to some of my now-favorite artists, including Jacques
      Loussier and Cristina Branco, at that event.

      --- In dallasaudioclub@yahoogroups.com, "Jim" <jim@...> wrote:
      > Poll has ended: 9 out of 90
      > Hi Folks,
      > Poll has ended and only 9 out of 90 responded they would host
      > meetings. To be fair, there some are my FM tuner or DIY friends who
      > live far away and who joined for other reasons than coming to
      > I also understand that some guys just can't host in their homes for
      > various reasons. IT'S ALL GOOD! It does solidify my previous
      > and I guess the best over all solution to my personal wants and
      > is to have small meetings that's about music. Maybe post positive
      > things from those meetings and maybe good new (or old) music!
      Thanks to
      > the 14 who answered the poll and I may do another one today. Thanks
      > all. jim...
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