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My DAC membership story...

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  • Cameron Thorne
    I ve been lurking on the list for a while, but haven t participated much. I have not been to a meeting yet (more on that in a minute). This seems like a good
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2007
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      I've been lurking on the list for a while, but haven't participated much.  I have not been to a meeting yet (more on that in a minute).  This seems like a good group of people, and I would hate to see it go away.  I've been on various enthusiast mailing lists ( e.g. audio, cars, etc) for years, and I have seen lists come back to full strength after a long period of relative inactivity.

      I used to run several web servers and sites, and personally would LOVE to administer a list like this, and maybe some day I will step up to the plate.  For now, I have a young family, work full time, and go to school in the evenings/weekends.  Spare time is at a premium.

      I am not trying to bring back the DIY vs. high end argument, but I initially joined for the DIY aspects of the group.  However, I know nothing about tube amps, so the Lone Star Bottlehead stuff doesn't really interest me right at the moment.  I used to be very interested in the very high end, even knowing how far outside my price range most of it was.  Lately I have shifted the focus of my interest to DIY topics.

      I am currently trying to complete this project: I'm building a 5.1 surround system for music/movies in my living room, based on Linkwitz Labs PLUTO+ and PLUTO, with a Rythmik Audio DS-15 servo subwoofer.  The brains are a modest HK receiver (used as a prepro) and the source device for CD, HDCD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, SACD is a new Oppo DV-980H player.  I also have an Apple Airport Express.

      This is my first "real" system ever, and would not be averse to opening up an invitation to DAC for the audition open house I plan to host when it is finished if there is interest, however I can't host a big "event" with food, etc at my home.  BYOB and BYOM (music) I guess...

      Assuming this list lives on, I'll post some updates as my project progresses.  For now pictures can be found http://picasaweb.google.com/cameronthorne/LinkwitzPLUTO and http://picasaweb.google.com/cameronthorne/LinkwitzPLUTO02

      One last idea to mull over..  When I lived in the Chicago suburbs, the local audio club there usually met in a regular location instead of someone's house.  Everyone would bring their own commercial or DIY equipment, or sometimes the meetings would focus on a demonstration of some invited vendor's products.  They had guest speakers on occasion.  Of course, they also charged dues for the meetings...

      Thanks for hearing my $0.02...

      -- Cameron

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