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habit forming

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  • judy ross
    A trip to Helping Hands (it s like Salvation Army) here in Midland brought me across a 58 1974 Philco console. Tag said Works so I got it for $15. While
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2007
      A trip to Helping Hands (it's like Salvation Army) here in Midland
      brought me across a 58" 1974 Philco console. Tag said "Works" so I
      got it for $15. While loading it in the back, I saw a 48" '74 Philco
      Allegro console with a tag saying "Does not work". They loaded it
      for free. I got them home. They both needed needles on the
      turntables. Otherwise, the 58" that I paid $15 for worked great.

      The 48" Allegro didn't have a cord. I'll bet they never tested it.
      I sacrificed an old VCR for the cord and plugged it in. YES! Radio
      works. Speakers are great. The 8-track actually plugs into an
      extension cord inside the cabinet coming from the radio. I'm not
      sure it is getting electricity. It doesn't act like it. Would it be
      okay for me to plug it directly into an outlet, or does it have a
      voltage regulator of some kind before it gets to the inside plug? I
      have never seen a separate plug for the 8-track before inside the

      It looks like the motor is out on the turntable (It even LOOKS
      charred), so I emailed turntablesneedles.com for a check on another
      motor and needles. However, I can spin the turntable by hand and,
      even without a needle in it, can get sound through the speakers. I
      think it will work after I get a motor and needle on it. I have GOT
      to learn to solder now.

      This is getting addictive. This makes four phonographs in three
      months, three of them being large consoles. I find myself looking
      for more. Am I going to start talking like all of you do? I can't
      understand the technical jargon at this point. I am still spitting a
      little on the word 'plinth.' Anyway, I am so proud of myself. I
      feel superior to the old man at Helping Hands who tests the
      electronics. You may have created a monster.

      Judy the mechanic
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