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Re: [dallasaudioclub] Axiom Amps with MaxxHorn @ Bob Spence's

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  • ka Yeung
    My impressions Part 1, Bob McGehee I believe we were on the same listening session, I walked away with the same impression, the systems strength is the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 8, 2007
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      My impressions
      Part 1,

      Bob McGehee I believe we were on the same listening session, I walked away with the same impression, the systems strength is the midrange and the system uncanny ability to reveal the difference in microphone, revenue, recording technique of individually track of each recording on the same cd, some pop music that was quite enjoyable on other systems sounds very mediocre on this one, very good recordings sounded absolutely fantastic, the system was painfully truthful, the weakness was the bass, it was not very well controlled, and a certain  bass note seems to resonate in the room, I left thinking is it too much to ask a 6 1/2 inch driver to handle such dynamics and frequencies.

      Part 2,

      Bob Spence is a long time owner of a pair of highly modified David Berning ZH270 OTL amplifier, in the past I have always express to him my slight dissatisfaction with mine, but recently I have changed out the teflon coupling caps and the input tubes of mine which has made a hugh improvement, I wanted to get Bob's opinion on the modification, through email Bob told me he has made some change to the Maxxhorn to improve the bass performance, he has put the bass adjusting tray back in the mouth of the horn. So we set a time and I bought my Berning ZH270 to Bob's house for another listen. This time the Axiom has already return to Florida, Bob used his 300b amp built by Jim Rivers and a Berning Micro ZOTL used as preamp, the bass has tighten up somewhat, but it has lost some midrange clarity compare to the Axiom amp that I notice on the female voice, but the 300b glory were all there, lush and beautiful. Then we put my Berning ZH270  in the system direct in without the preamp, we first tried with normal feedback setting the sound was a little bright, then we switched to low, we noticed immediately the lost of focus, and we settled on the medium setting. The push pull Berning has much tighter bass,  more dynamic, more extended high but the midrange is less full and lush, the presentation 
      was totally different but very good. Bob played for me Doors track Rider of the Storm, after that I handed Bob a Chinese cd that I bought in New York Chinatown and joking said let hear another rain storm from China, Suddenly a bolt of lightning strike in the listening room, we just jumped and reached for the volume control, I was shocked and not prepared for the dynamics of the speakers, that little 6 1/2 inch driver can rock! Next  time Bob, I am bringing organ music!

      Dennis, Bob, thanks for putting this event together, it's been educational and lots of fun!

      Ka Yeung

      On Jan 8, 2007, at 4:40 PM, heatervoltage wrote:

      Fellow members:
      I had the pleasure of listening to this system on Dec. 28. Not
      surprisingly, all of the great audio qualities (tonal quality,
      imaging, balance, realism, etc.) were there. What did surprise
      (shocked, really) me was the amount of low level detail that could be
      heard. Even on CD's. Just amazing! You hear this detail in the
      concert hall, but not on audio systems. Since there is no such thing
      as the perfect speaker, do not expect to hear dynamic reproductions
      of "The Rite of Spring" or "Carmina Burana" with this system (OK,
      or with anything else). But if your cup of tea is Jazz, Vocals,
      String Quartets, Solo Instruments, Light Classical Music, etc., you
      may have found the end of the rainbow.

      Bob, thanks again for the hospitality.
      Bob McGehee (heatervoltage)

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