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RE: [dallasaudioclub] Headphone question

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  • Richard Rea
    I will check it out thanks. Richard Johno Kantz wrote: I ve heard exactly 3 seconds of a Stax Omega when I was at an audio boutique in
    Message 1 of 3 , May 29, 2006
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      I will check it out thanks.

      Johno Kantz <inkmo@...> wrote:
      I've heard exactly 3 seconds of a Stax Omega when I was at an audio boutique
      in Japan (hardly an ideal environment).  Not enough to get a good
      impression, though I hear great things about Stax cans.  You can still buy
      Stax cans over at
        I think you can even choose which amp and which can you get independently.

      A great place to ask your question would also be http://www.headfi.com/ (one
      of my hangouts!).  There are several Stax owners there, as are there folks
      with all sorts of good cans.  A biggy with headphones is that amongst the
      good ones there are very distinct house sounds and finding the "one for you"
      might take a while.  Fortunately, that sorta stuff gets discussed in length
      and detail there and is worth reading up on.  I'm really sorry if directing
      discussion outside the community is frowned upon, but I think headfi is a
      great source of info for audiophiles interested in headphones -- and they
      have a nice FS/FT forum (which can be instrumental in people searching for
      their ideal sound without breaking the bank)

      From what I've heard about them, the Stax headphones are indeed great and
      definitely have the 'electrostatic sound'.  I've also heard that the old
      (like, really old) Stax cans are still rather listenable, even good, by
      modern standards.  A rarity for old headphones.  Another can on par with the
      Stax line that you might be interested in is the AKG K1000.  Its drivers are
      dynamic (I think), but they are generally ranked amongst the very, very best
      in headphones.

      Anyways, I won't bore you with any more of my second hand information.  As
      far as my actual experience goes, I would say for home listening nothing
      beats open air circumaural (so I personally wouldn't consider the Stax
      In-Ears if I were looking to get some Stax cans.  Unless we're talking about
      portables.  Are you wanting cans for portable or home use?).  I have a pair
      of IEMs that are only for noisy coffee shops and buses as I can't stand to
      have them in my ears usually for more than an hour at a time.  Since I
      started listening to my Audio Technicas, even regular sealed circumaural
      cans feel claustrophobic to me.

      Anyways, sorry for rambling like I did.  Be sure and tell us how your search
      goes! --and say 'hi' if you ever see me over on headfi :D.

      Richard Rea
      a man of few words :)
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