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Re: Help on Amp Repair

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  • jim@fmtunerinfo.com
    Hi Dennis, On our website... http://www.fmtunerinfo.com/ we do recommend a few that members have had good luck with. None in Texas so far. Copied from TIC
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 27 6:27 PM
      Hi Dennis, On our website...
      we do recommend a few that members have had good luck with. None in
      Texas so far. Copied from TIC below. jim....


      TIC's top recommendation for tuner repairs (but not mods) is Mark
      Wilson, a/k/a Absolute Sound Labs. Mark has been doing audio
      restorations for almost 40 years and his work has received rave
      reviews from several of TIC's most trusted contributors, as well as
      from the famously fussy and cantankerous James Bongiorno. Mark can
      handle repairs and restorations from almost any vintage audio
      manufacturer, including tubed gear. Contact Mark at
      absoundlabsATsihope.com (replace the AT with an @ sign).

      Chuck Rippel of Audio Video Service Labs will do repairs and custom
      mods (including filters) and alignments on most '70s-'80s tuners,
      including Harman/Kardon, Kenwood, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer, Nakamichi,
      Sansui, Sony and Yamaha. Their impressive website also lists a large
      selection of service manuals. AVSL's Earl Pruitt's work on two
      Marantz 150s got rave reviews from one of TIC's most trusted

      Eric Barbour, well-known to many tube audio fans from his Glass Audio
      and Vacuum Tube Valley articles, specializes in repairing, rebuilding
      and aligning tube tuners, including the Marantz 10B. He also works on
      tube amps, preamps and receivers, and has a stock of parts for tough
      repairs on Scott and Fisher tube equipment. Contact Eric at
      synthATmetasonix.com (replace the AT with an @ sign).

      Foster Blair rebuilds and repairs all types of vintage Scott
      equipment, including amplifiers, tuners, multiplex units, and the
      hardest to work on, tube receivers. He has over 35 years experience
      working with Scott equipment and has an extensive collection of
      vintage Scott gear. Foster has the necessary test equipment,
      schematics and knowledge to fix dead, sick or wounded Scotts at very
      reasonable cost. Contact Foster at fjblairATcomcast.net (replace the
      AT with an @ sign).

      Approved Audio Service claims to "specialize in repair and
      calibration of all high-end audio equipment." That's a pretty broad
      mandate, and none of us has used them yet, but based on our
      discussion with them they seem to have good expertise, good
      equipment, and fair prices for alignments and repairs. They're an
      authorized repair center for many high-end brands. Visit their
      website for more information.

      None of our panelists has used him, but Heinz Preiss apparently did a
      nice job refurbishing a Tandberg 3001A for one of our contributors.
      Heinz's German Radio Service will also work on Revox, Grundig, and
      the other brands listed on his website.
      --- In dallasaudioclub@yahoogroups.com, "Dennis" <chimeraone@w...>
      > Does anyone know where I can arrange to have a vintage MArantz
      > 4300 Solid State Amp repaired.
      > It belongs to my Landlord, who is a great guy....he has to be to
      > up wiht me. I don't mess with sand filled devices and I want to
      > him out.
      > Thanks
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