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Re: [dallasaudioclub] dealers

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  • Nicholas Renter
    There is a list of North Texas dealers (not all encompassing, I assume) out on Audio Circle: http://audiocircle.com/circles/viewtopic.php?t=12207 According to
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 25, 2005
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      There is a list of North Texas dealers (not all encompassing, I assume) out
      on Audio Circle:


      According to the page, the North Texas audio and home theater dealers (in
      alphabetical order) are:

      Advanced Home Theater Systems
      3209 Premier, STE 112
      Plano, TX 75075
      Mon-Fri, 10AM - 5PM; weekends by appointment
      Aerial Acoustics, Alon, Epos, Jamo, Monitor Audio, Snell and Von
      Schweikert Audio speakers (Dali and Tannoy by special order); B&K, Cary
      Audio, Creek Audio, Crestron, Denon, EAD, Panasonic, Parasound, Samsung, and
      Toshiba electronics.
      15% discount for AC members! (ask for Brian)

      11661 Preston Road
      Dallas, TX 75230
      Tues-Thurs, 10AM - 7PM; Fri & Sat, 10AM - 6PM
      Linn, Magnepan, Paradigm, ProAc, Rega, Ruark and Wilson Benesch speakers;
      Arcam, Audio Research, Ayre, Chord, Cyrus, E.A.R., Linn, NAD, Rega, Rotel
      and Theta components

      Dallas Sight and Sound, Inc.
      4202 Wiley Post Road
      Addison, Texas 75001
      By appointment only

      Hi-End Theater & Audio
      9780 Walnut Street, Suite 200
      Dallas, TX 75243
      Mon-Fri, 11AM - 7PM; Sat & Sun, 11AM - 6PM
      B&W, Focal-JM Lab, Paradigm, Rel, and Revel speakers; Audio Refinement,
      Cambridge Audio, Classe, Manley Laboratories, Mark Levinson, Moon, Pro-Ject,
      PS Audio, Rotel, VPI Industries, Wadia and YBA components

      John Fort Audio Video
      850 South Greenville Avenue, Suite 100
      Richardson, TX 75081
      Vandersteen and Anthony Gallo Acoustics speakers; Atmasphere tube amps.

      Krystal Clear Audio-Video
      1626 Hi Line Drive
      Dallas, TX 75207-3422

      Marvin Electronics
      2750 South Hulen Street
      Fort Worth, TX 76109
      Mon-Sat, 9AM - 6PM
      B&W, Paradigm, Revel, REL speakers; Marantz, Mark Levinson, McIntosh, JVC,
      Rotel, Sunfire electronics

      Sound Idea Audio & Video
      6251 Oakmont Blvd.
      Fort Worth, TX 76132
      1924 East Pioneer Parkway
      Arlington, TX 76010
      Kef, Klipsch Reference, M&K (Miller & Kreisel), and Polk LSi speakers;
      Bryston, B&K, Denon, Lexicon, and Sony ES electronics; Hitachi, LG,
      Mitsubishi, Runco, and Sony video systems

      Sound Mind Audio
      4011 Lafayette Avenue
      Fort Worth, TX 76107
      By appointment only
      Acoustic Energy, Epos, Meadowlark and PSB speakers; Arcam, Cambridge
      Audio, Rogue Audio, Creek, and Musichall electronics

      Whetstone Audio
      2401 East 6th Street, #1001
      Austin, TX 78702
      Tues-Fri, 11AM - 6PM; Sat 11AM - 5PM, or by appointment
      Naim Audio, Neat Acoustics, Rega, Cyrus, Arcam, Dynavector, 47 Laboratory

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      > I'm new to the area having relocated here in April. Could someone
      > please recommend some high end retailers around here? I have found
      > Audio Concepts, Hi End Audio and John Fort A-V so far. Any other help
      > would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, BTW I live in Irving - 75063
      > zip.
      > Bob Musson
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