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RE: [dallasaudioclub] RE: New stuff PICs

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  • Paul Stewart
    Thanks Danny, sorry Dave you know I like to do things in excess. To: MDChilds@bellhelicopter.textron.com CC: akhilble@hotmail.com;
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 12, 2011
      Thanks Danny, sorry Dave you know I like to do things in excess.

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      Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 10:55:36 -0600
      Subject: [dallasaudioclub] RE: New stuff PICs


      yep Danny resized and sent to me. They look excellent.

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      RE: New stuff PICs


      It was 20 mb

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      Wednesday, January 12, 2011 9:03 AM
      Bill Currier
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      RE: New stuff PICs
      Can someone resend to me, I did not get this email. If it is over 5Mb my server may have blocked it so resize the pic to make it a bit smaller.

      I made a mistake, over Thanksgiving I built basically a clone of the original 1950's Fender Tweed deluxe amp, I built it for one of Nathan's band mates using those old Webster transformers I have since they were the right values. I found some Celestion Alnico 10" drivers and built a 4x10 cabinet using 4 of these 16 ohm drivers in parallel for a speaker cabinet that is about 108db/1w sensitivity so while this guitar amp is only 15 watts it screams with volume. Next thing I know I have 4 other guys wanting one. So I ordered the parts back in December to build 6, with all new parts they end up costing about $500 to build give or take and depends on what kind of speaker cab they want, I built 3 4x10 and 2 1x12s and a 2x10. Nathan did the majority of the construction and we sold he sold the first 4 for $700. He put the other 2 on ebay for a no-reserve auction 2 weeks before Christmas and one sold for $850 the other for $902. I just ordered parts to build 6 more he has 5 of these sold for $850 each and his profit will be $325 per cabinet. I will send a pic of one of them as soon as he gets it together. He does them in tweed or red tolex with wheat and brown grill cloth. Unlike the old tweed amps that were amp and speaker combined he builds the amp in a seperate small chassis with enclosure and build the speaker cab seperate. Nice thing is all the speaker cabs are open back the 4x10 Celestions he uses have a 10 oz ceramic magnet and the cab is 24x24x9.5 deep and weighs about 25lbs so it is easy to ship.

      You think audiophiles are weird you should talk to a guitarist, they want to make sure the speaker breaks up at the right volume and has the right distortion profile and they use the word crunch a lot. One of the new ones is a fender bassman head so it is about 50W I did an analysis of the amp and tone controls from the original design you talk about non linear you have to set the bass control to about 2.5 the mid to 10 and the treble to 0 to get the amps response to be sort of flat. But it seems that is the way a guitarist likes it.


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      RE: New stuff PICs

      The cabinets look very nice. Did you sell your other Line Array?

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      Subject: New stuff PICs
      Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 17:12:22 -0600

      The black is an automotive epoxy with a piano finish, PICs do not do them justice. One set is a complete enclosure, a lot of detail. The second set will have a black baffle and a Mahogany finished enclosure.

      I need to custom fit the tweeter assembly, 18 tweeters. The HiVi will be a smaller foot print. I plan on marketing these under Black Stone Audio.

      The skull is setting on a piece of Wenga which will be a face for my reference amp.

      I will be hosting another DIY in a few weeks. We will spin some vinyl also. I have a turntable Kenn helped me set up and I purchased a few audiophile records, 180gram+, and the recordings...well you need to here them. Hope some one will bring some also.


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