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Re: [dallasaudioclub] This past Saturday's Meet

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  • Cameron Thorne
    I had a great time. Thanks to all for putting it together and Paul for hosting. Some very interesting stuff! Definitely put the fire back in me to do
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 28, 2009
      I had a great time.  Thanks to all for putting it together and Paul for hosting.  Some very interesting stuff!  Definitely put the fire back in me to do another project!

      -- Cameron

      On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 12:50 PM, jktdet <dave.thomas@...> wrote:

      What an awesome event... not sure the final count but there must have been at least a couple of dozen great sounding loudspeaker systems, great DIY amps and preamps. Amazing some of the DIY loudspeaker systems that were there.

      I really look forward to seeing all the pics posted up on this site.

      Not sure of what my favorite was but the budget Focal/HiVi monitors were amazing for the price that was invested. The Statements sounding incredible and at 6' tall were very impressive. Paul's tower with 4 woofers and dipole midrange and ribbon tweeter was clearly a DIY effort that would rival commercial loudspeakers in the $25K range for less than $1500. Oh and the woodworking and exotic woods made them look like $25K loudspeakers. Zaph's BAMTM is just an all around top notch loudspeaker.

      The chipamp are just dumbfounding how for less than $125.00 you can get that much power and clean sound. Blair's 6550 monobloc were the best DIY effor I have seen of a parallel output tube amp I have seen and they were just whisper quiet. The little 2020 tripath amp was absolutely georgeous.

      Plus I was amazed at the turn out there had to be at least 35 folks milling around. Also glad to hear the interest in DIY electronic crossovers. I think there could be a ton of fun had in impelementing these and the technology is fairly simple for the average DIYer.

      If you missed this event you probably missed the best event I have attended. Just amazing what the guys can do with a little ingenuity.


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