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798Re: [dallasaudioclub] Re: Help Requested on Accoustics Please

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  • Cameron Thorne
    Feb 16, 2008
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      I second the library recommendation.  See in particular Chapter 19 "Acoustics of the Listening Room", and and Table 13-2 (pg. 277) "Rectangular room dimension ratios for favorable mode distribution." in F. Alton Everest's Master Handbook of Acousticshttp://www.amazon.com/Master-Handbook-Acoustics-Alton-Everest/dp/0071360972/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1203203537&sr=8-1

      The table lists the ratios from a number of published works on the subject of ideal room proportions.

      -- Cameron

      On Feb 15, 2008 11:24 AM, Dennis <chimeraone@...> wrote:

      Hi Paul,

      Go to your publice library and find the acoutstical engineering books
      on designing recording studios. They identify the proper height,
      width and depth ratios to minimize atanding waves. The will also give
      you information on the total volume required to reproduce bass

      One ratio that does work is the Golden Ratio. That ratio is 1.618. So
      for a 10 foot floor to ceiling height the room width would be 16.18'
      and the length would be 26.18'. You room volume would be 4236 cubic
      feet which shoud be adequate for bass performance.

      In addition the books will also cover the use of various diffusors to
      break up or absorb standing waves.

      It a shame many of us never get around to optimizing room acoustics
      or even proper speaker placement. In most cases that seems to be
      determined by "She who must be Obeyed".

      Good Luck on your room,

      --- In dallasaudioclub@yahoogroups.com, Paul Heimbuch <paul88@...>

      > Hello,
      > I have been into audio ever since I was a small boy building crystal
      > radios. I have been waiting to build an audio room from scratch
      for a
      > pair of Rosewood K-Horns and a pair of Rosewood Belles and a bunch
      > other equipment I have had in storage for years. I just didn't
      have the
      > room in the house we lived in and we finally bought (years later
      than we
      > thought it would take!) a house that has a large media room. We are
      > remodeling the house and I want to get the accoustics right on the
      > while we are tearing out walls, painting, etc. The accoustics are
      > terrible in the room right now and I need some help from somebody
      > at room dimension and accoustic calculations so I can tell the
      > what to change the room dimensions to. Problem is I need to do this
      > quickly as the work is being done now basically. Would you be so
      > as to tell me who I might contact that is good at this sort of
      thing. I
      > have one chance to make the room the correct dimensions and I don't
      > to screw it up or find out later it was wrong. Any help or
      > you can give would be greatly appreciated. I live in Frisco Texas
      > is on the North edge the Dallas suburbs very near the North Dallas
      > Tollway. I also would be interested in joining the club, meeting
      > members and perhaps purchasing high end used equipment and SET amps
      > my Klipsch speakers.
      > Thanks in advance for you help with this!
      > Paul Heimbuch
      > 972-897-1967

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