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1410Re: [dallasaudioclub] Aikido preamp

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  • Robert Cham
    Jun 3, 2013
      Hi Mike,

      I've got a mostly built one that won't be finished anytime soon as
      I'm 2,000 miles away building our retirement house.

      I gutted a PAS 3 and installed two 9 pin mono boards and a PS 1
      board for separate regulation of each channel's power, after some
      metal work and clear plastic "Contact Paper" on the bottom plate as
      the spacing is a bit tight to the board traces. Separate regulation
      of channels has yielded improvement in crosstalk in SS preamps, so I
      thought that I'd try it in a hollow state one.

      Still to be done is the wiring of the selector switch and Alps volume
      control with Mogami snake cable stripped out of it's overall jacket,
      and the transformer chassis, which will connect to the PAS 3 through
      the already installed Cinch Jones connector. I'm making my own
      multi-conductor cable for the power interconnect by using heat
      shrink tubing over cable of various gauges, depending one whether
      it's for Plate or Filament power.

      I'm going to try using 6H30s for their low output impedance, as I
      want to try using Nelson Pass's passive low level crossover from an
      old Audio Amateur, which requires the ability to drive 5K loads.
      John Broskie doesn't like the sound of that tube, but we'll see what
      I think. The crossover will drive a pair of ST-70s, which will
      bi-amp the Maggie Tympani 1Cs. The phono preamp will continue to be
      the Transcendent Sound kit built unit, easily the most accurate and
      impressive sound stage presentation that I have ever heard.

      So, I still haven't heard an Aikido either, but I also have heard
      much good about them, and as an engineer, I really admire Broskie's
      work. The engineering on them is really solid.

      Bob Cham
      (presently in Virginia)

      >I just recently joined the group and I wanted to pose a question to
      >the group. I am thinking about building the Aikido preamp. I have
      >heard good things about this preamp. Has anyone in the group heard
      >the Aikido? I would love to hear your impressions.
      >Thanks all.
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