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1363Getting out of vinyl

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  • lee_roitberg
    Jul 12, 2011
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      After 12+ years of collecting vinyl I have finally decided to go digital only. I am selling off all of my Vinyl related items.

      Pictures available at: http://s296.photobucket.com/albums/mm171/Audio_Builder/

      1. 355+ LP's. Pictures of ~200 are on link above. Most of the LP's have been cleaned with either a VPI or Monk cleaner with new inner and outer sleeves. NOT INTERESTED IS PARTING OUT LPs. All for $2000
      2. Technics SP15 TT with original dust cover and Plinth. SME III arm and Grado Platinum Cartridge. Mint condition. Have original TT and arm boxes. All for $1000
      3. Cambridge Audio 640P phonostage. Highly modified with Black Gate capacitors, Polystyrene Capacitors and TI's latest Op-amps. Have original box. $300
      4. Miscellaneous pieces, SME III carrying arm, Technics Blank Arm Plinth, LP Cleaning fluid, LP carbon fiber brush, Poly outer sleeves.

      Before you send me an email:
      1. I will not sell you one LP. It is all or nothing.
      2. I do not have a complete list of the LPs. You are welcome to come over and take a look.
      3. Yes the items are still available. Think positive.
      4. I am not interested in trading. Cash only.

      Thank you,
      Lee Roitberg