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Work for the legalisation in France, 13.10.2004

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  • Jens Martignoni
    Trabalho da legalisaçao 13.10.2004 ************************* Dear friends, From 4th to 12th September there was the European Encontro of Santo Daime where all
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2004
      Work for the legalisation in France, 13.10.2004

      Trabalho da legalisaçao 13.10.2004

      Dear friends,

      From 4th to 12th September there was the European Encontro of Santo Daime where all european churches met near Madrid in Spain. Many topics were discussed and some fruitful decisions for the future were made. One important topic that was spoken about was the process of legalisation in France. On 4th of November 2004 there will be the second trial before court of the six French fardados. It is a long story since 1999 but they lost their first trial (the negative decision of the French court came out last January). Now this time they try to proof again, that the Santo Daime is a true religion and that they are not guilty of traffics in narcotics as the last judge said. It is an important case for all of the Santo Daime comunity because France is one of the toughest countries and has a big influence on all others including the US. Therefore we of the European churches try to unite our forces and help as much as possible our sisters and brothers in France.
      Besides juridical and paper-stuff we also like to prepare the case spiritually. Therefore it is scheduled a special "work for the legalisation" on October 13th evening,(Newmoon/Eclipse) in many European churches. We invite our sisters and brothers in all other countries outside of Europe to join this event and help to unite all positive forces.
      Our suggestion is to sing the Hinario of Pad. Manuel Corrente "Caboclo Guerreiro" for this event and read a special prayer in between. Also we collect some money to help the french paying the high costs of lawyers and everything, it is really difficult for them.
      If we are successful it will be a very important stepstone to get more and more a legal situation for our religion worldwide.
      Thank you for your support.

      Viva a libertade do Santo Daime!
      Jens Martignoni
      member of the legalisation group in Europe

      ***************************************** >****
      Hinario Caboclo Guerreiro -> MP3 downloadable from http://www.daime.org  ->other hinarios  (smallest for all 43 hinos about 18MB! so better take a high-speed connection).

      ENGLISH: "Work of Legalisation"

      Patron of the work of legalisation: Padrinho Manoel Corrente

      1. Entrance, (Oraçao)
      2. Hinario Caboclo Guerreiro (1ra parte 1-24)
      3. Concentration
      4. Hino 86 Pad. Alfredo
      5. Read a text/prayer (see below)
      6. Concentration
      7. Hinario Caboclo Guerreiro (2nda parte 25-43)
      8. Closing of the work (e.g. some local hinos)

      Text/Prayer for Legalisation

      Our God

      Please help us to be firm in the work of the legalisation of the Santo Daime, help us to find the right way to serve Your will.

      Let us see that it is an ongoing work of cure to the society and the culture of our time. Cure from the illness of spiritual ignorance and abuse of sacred teacher-plants. Enlighten our consciousness to assist this cure with as much love and understanding as possible and with a positive, happy heart as our best medicine.

      Don't let us fight a battle of thoughts and minds, of intrigues and power-games but help us to strengthen our union and inner silence. Prevent us from misunderstanding the legalisation as a materialistic right to drink the beverage of Santo Daime. Let us always recognise, that the real issue is the re-establishment of places on Earth, where the spiritual world is respected and honoured.

      Help us to pray, to meditate, to sing and work together in Truth and Justice so that Harmony and Love can prevail and radiate from our doing.

      Give us trust in our Guides and in our Master Juramidam. Touch our hearts so that we are able to respect the fear and helplessness of our brothers and sisters on earth who did not receive a spiritual education until now. They will be taught also and we, the people of the Santo Daime, we have to assist our Master in that mission with as much humility and patience as possible.

      Let us build strong alliances of trust and reliability in our own heart and between our sisters and brothers because we are obliged to work for each other, to help each other and to communicate to each other carefully.

      Legalisation will therefore be a process of becoming true children of God, fully responsible for what we are doing, feeling and thinking. Then we will be really legal and accepted as servants of our Master, while He got His order by our beloved Mother Mary the Highest Queen above all humanity.

      So be it


      Now, please o Mighty God, o Highest Virgin Mother, o Jesus Christ the Redeemer, we ask you, please help our people in France in this case on 4th of November 2004. Put Your mantle of protection around them, give them Your strength of Love in their hearts and Your light of Truth in their minds.

      Thank you

      ***************************************** >****
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