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Padrinho Alfredo -- Ceu do Mar -- 15 Oct 2002

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  • Matthew D.S. Meyer
    IN THE LINE OF THE CURE So, meditating on the hymns of the Orao There are already enough teachings to guide us and equip us (nos aparelhar) in the work; and
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      So, meditating on the hymns of the Orao There are already
      teachings to guide us and equip us (nos aparelhar) in the work; and
      dealing with a curing work like ours today, the cure of Mestre
      Raimundo Irineu Serra, which has had a long life and has an eternity,
      proving to be a very special day, a lesson of high spiritual charge,
      which began and is still vigorous to this day.

      However, at the beginning of this curing work, each one of us ought
      to examine our own apparatus (aparelho), seeking to feel in oneself
      the force of Santo Daime, which is our guide, the great Divine Being
      of the Forest and, at the same time, is the general guide of our
      session who opens the channels for the other healers, teachers and
      protectorsincluding our Guardian Angel, so that at this opportunity

      the apparatuses feel firmness, relaxing ones own apparatus in the
      safe place in which we are, so that our mind expands in the Light and
      in the Force of Santo Daime, in the current of healing of the day of
      the Concentration of Mestre Irineu.

      In this way, we feel ourselves from this fount of wisdom, which flows
      as much through the spiritual fluids of Santo Daime asequally,
      materiallyin the hymnals (hinrios), in the organized structures
      in the education that one requests to make us part of this material
      and spiritual body of the cures of our Mestre Juramidam. And it is
      seeking to know the Love of God in oneself, in ones heart, seeking
      to understand what is our Mestre Jesus Christ, the internal Christ in
      each one of us, and uniting these forces, here and now, in one
      thought, and to be certain that we are healing ourself and all those
      who are within spiritual worthiness (dentro do merecimento
      espiritual). To form our current and vibrate in this moment in the
      silence and in the attention of the Voice of the Desert, who speaks
      quite softly to the thought and to the heart of each mediumistic
      apparatus (aparelho medinico), each human apparatus.

      After we are ready, composed in our place, in our position, everyone
      should make an effort to quiet and calm our thought; feeling at home,
      feeling in the House of the Truth, which is the House of the Father,
      to be able to be satisfied in the Doctrine and convinced of the Power
      of the Creator in us and in everyone. What we are seeking now, in the
      year 2002, and in the course of the third millennium, is to perfect
      our spiritual and material understanding (conhecimento) to be able to
      be in this world, living these times conscious of what we seek and
      confirming through well-being, through the satisfaction of being in
      comprehension and in the light of our Guide and Owner of our
      Doctrine. Studies and more studies have been made, years and years
      have passed, everything has been seen, everything lived through. The
      response continues to be the same response as in the beginning: love
      God above all things and the next as yourself. To live in peace and
      attract peace to ones environment is to like life, it is to love
      your brothers and sisters. And, all the apparatuses of Santo Daime,
      especially those that are in union with the expansion of Padrinho
      Sebastio Mota de Melo, should work well on this part of
      understandingunderstanding the Doctrine and growing through the
      hints that all the teachings of the hymnals give us.

      Thus we go, forming our people, our family growing and, without doubt
      and without fear, we have only to work on loving God above all things
      and our brothers and sisters as the likeness (como semelhana); and,
      as we are apparatuses, on peace and wellbeing. There is no
      difficulty, no convolution (arrodeio), theres not much
      even, it is to hear much and speak little (ouvir muito e falar
      pouco), to feel more the spiritual presence and to speak of good
      things, of cures, of miracles, of the helpthe salvation, even, that

      Santo Daime has shown to many people, or to all those who looked for
      it. In this moment, let us use positive thought on the Sun, the Moon,
      the Stars, the Earth, the Wind, and the Sea, feeling ourselves
      satisfied and in peace with the entire Universe in order to vibrate
      our own spiritual and vital security of our mediumistic body, of our
      human apparatus, in order, then, to attract health, wellbeing and
      security for all our brothers and sisters in this universal current,
      incarnated as well as disincarnated. Opening this window more, so
      that all may understand from where and how they ought to transmit
      their education, their light and the comfort of Santo Daime to the
      sufferer spirits, the encostos (invading spirits) and the sick
      beings, in order that, as quickly as possible, all may receive the
      Clarity (Claro) of the Light and be able to put themselves in the
      line of healing of the spirits they receive and that manage to
      participate in this spiritual charity, of material and spiritual
      healing. Everyone knowing this, any perturbation of thought, in
      heart, in oneself must be studied and reviewed by a clear faith and a
      certainty that: who is like God, no one; and greater than God, none.
      Everything passes and should be a lesson of a clarity, for matter and
      for the spirit.

      So, it is with all faith and all certainty that we firm (firmamos)
      our spiritual cure, the 15th day of October of the year 2002, here in
      the union of the brothers and sisters for our union, for our growth,
      our good understanding with God and with humanity. With firmness,
      lighting our light, from our eternal guides the Sun, Moon, Stars,
      Earth, Wind and Sea. It is the Light of the Firmament and it is the
      only one we must love ( s a quem devemos amar). Because it is in
      the morning, its midday, its the afternoon, it is at midnight,
      is at any time, this purity of light, this potency is always there,
      giving us this opportunity to be connected to that which is Eternal,
      strong and forever.

      Such is the counsel of the Centro do Culto Ecltico da Fluente Luz
      Universal Padrinho Sebastio Mota de Melo, and moreover of CEFLURIS,
      for all the brotherhood, all the pontos, all the churches that are
      watching the flight of this star and that, in the course of this
      velocity of ours, all things keep gaining more understanding and more
      rootedness, more confidence, more clarity and, without doubt, more
      satisfaction and wellbeing. Because the apparatuses of this house, of
      this center, must be here, now and always in their life, to practice
      to light up their light once and for all, to feel really transformed
      in this new time, new people, New Era, new life. From there, then, to
      our spiritual force, to our battle to overcome matter, to combat
      matter, which has a whole energy connected to the illusions of the
      world, to the errors, to the fears and to the doubts. In this case,
      our work is so that we may be alert beings, enlightened. And, through
      good understanding, all these dark clouds, all the difficulties, all
      the illnesses are discarded, discovered and, at the same time,
      eliminated by our Superior Power, which is God in me, God in you, and
      God in us.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      * * * * * * * * * *

      Thats it, then We are not here inventing things, nor are we
      discovering new things. We are just continuing the battle to
      understand and correspond with the Mestre, with Padrinho Sebastio,
      who are the spiritual guides, are the beings who had the courage to
      say that they are eternal and leave this open door on eternity of all
      those who dismember their understanding (conhecimento) of the flesh
      and of the spirit, all those who understand that greatness is not
      needed: the size that God made one is whats necessary. All of that
      which one adds convolutes and makes things difficult for
      understanding this, we, the apparatuses of this house, will be able
      to correspond better towards our Mestres, towards God, who is the
      Living Presence, every hour and every day. So, there exists the
      necessity for each one to encounter oneself within, as a divine
      particle, and understand that these particles together are what form
      the whole, just as the globe presents everything together, forms the
      general and total beauty of Creation.

      So, we should not follow the path of wanting to live alone, of
      wanting to isolate oneself, to want to be big and defeat everything
      alone, because that lacks foundation and the work becomes lost and
      shameful in the presence of the one who awaits the Union of the
      Apostles like brothers, as soldiers of the Queen, as soldiers of this
      Doctrine. And fear, doubt, illusion and other things that perturb the
      material (a material), perturb the heart, perturb thought, must be
      understood as the passing things of the world, without eternal basis,
      with spiritual basis.

      Taking always into account that you are a mediumistic apparatus to
      illuminate yourself and your encostos, your spirits, who look for, in
      some form, human participation, the participation of the incarnated;
      and, being a material and spiritual hospital, all should flow this
      force, the force of Eternal Life for all incarnates and
      disincarnates, bettering, in this way, the health and wellbeing,
      material and spiritual, of our Doctrine, of our eternal path in the
      line of Santo Daime. And, in the day-to-day, it is necessary that we
      be awake, always remembering the seriousbecause, forgetting that
      is our Guide, and giving oneself over to other kinds of masters, of
      conductors, of conduction, even illusion itself, is to leave what one
      has found here. It is to leave it on the stairway, to leave off-guard
      to the point of filling oneself with negatives, illnesses and
      perturbations, and suffer until one understandsunderstands
      Therefore, the people of CEFLURIS must not be only in the presence of
      Santo Daime, in the presence of the Mestre: it must take care to have
      conviction of its faith, coviction of its knowledge (conhecimento),
      find itself unworried to live on the Earth, with certainty that, in
      doing good, good comes to itand if bad is done, the bad also will
      seek it. So, more than hearing any other teachings, we must study the
      hymnals, principally that of the Mestre and those of his disciples,
      all of those who corrected their falsities. Because to say one is
      with God is very easy to say, but to fulfill His commandment, thats

      what I want to see (Porque falar que est com Deus muito fcil de

      dizer, mas cumprir Seu mandamento, a que eu quero ver).

      So, let us seek to valorize our spiritual work and to give value to
      ourselves through the union, through partnership, through tranquility
      and wellbeing of one towards all. One more hymn of Concentration

      Padrinho Alfredo Gregrio de Melo
      Cu de Maria (So Paulo/SP)

      [Translation by Matthew Meyer]
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