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Hi and my experiences and questions

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  • beherenowsf
    I first had Ayahuasca in Ibiza in the Summer of 1993, I think. It was with Catholic missionaries from Peru who were apparently ordained to do this. They wore
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2002
      I first had Ayahuasca in Ibiza in the Summer of 1993, I think. It was
      with Catholic missionaries from Peru who were apparently ordained to
      do this. They wore blue and white and sang Ayahuasca hymns in
      Portuguese. The main thing I remember is dancing and singing around an
      alter for so many hours and everyone was dressed in white. The women
      on one side and the men on the other. I whitnessed one coffee coloured
      woman get something huge running through her and she started jumping 5
      feet in the air. The missionaries handled it beautifully by singing
      special himns and sort of stroking her energy. It made me feel safe
      with the experience and with them as faciltators.
      I remember that it felt like a big weight was being lifted off my
      shoulders (I suffer from clinical depression, but did not know that at
      the time) The next day I felt wonderful and clear and even ran for 2
      miles and danced all night. I also remembered not being afraid of
      death anymore.

      The second time was in Australia about 4 years ago with a healing
      through ethno botanicals discussion group I had been meeting with for
      12 months. They were also responsible for bringing Terrence Mckenna to
      Australia. That time the Ayahuasca was made by a young man who was an
      assistant to the proffessor who tested ethnobotanicals for the
      Australian government. The tea was strong and wild, made from some
      native Australian DMT plants as well as plants from imported seads
      (Syrian Rue). We took the tea and had cushions and buckets with us.
      The wildness was fun, but the facilitator inexperienced and basically
      a bit too young, which was unfortunate and ruined my then partner's
      experience. (he was a first timer and both of us wanted this to be a
      spiritual experience) I noticed that the Ayahuasca likes music and
      likes being near water. Again I felt like a big weight had been lifted
      off, which lasted for about 5 days and then the depression came back
      when I had some upsets of another sort. I have since been working on
      the depression without drugs by getting rid of stuff in my life that
      makes me depressed, it works most of the time.

      One interesting side effect of my Ayahuasca experiences is that
      chemical phsycadelics like LSD don't seem to have psychological
      emotional effect on me anymore, which is a very good thing. Plus when
      I take them in a strong enough dose the trip is like an Ayahuasca trip
      but with a fine veil over it, provided I can be by myself and get
      under cushions and blankets that is.

      I am now living in Northern California and am wondering what the laws
      are here concerning Ayahuasca and if there is any way to contact or be
      put in contact with local active groups. I would like to take a
      journey again for the healing experience as well as the adventure.

      Thank you for all your hard work and for reading this.

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