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4869Thursday, December 13/26, 2013: 1Tim 6:17-21, Mark 9:10-16

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  • Michael Vezie
    Dec 25, 2013
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      passage: 1Tim 6:17-6:21

      Chapter 6

      Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded,
      nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us
      richly all things to enjoy; That they do good, that they be rich in
      good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate; Laying up
      in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come,
      that they may lay hold on eternal life. O Timothy, keep that which
      is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and
      oppositions of science falsely so called:

      passage: Mark 9:10-9:16

      Chapter 9

      And they kept that saying with themselves, questioning one with another
      what the rising from the dead should mean. And they asked him, saying,
      Why say the scribes that Elias must first come? And he answered and
      told them, Elias verily cometh first, and restoreth all things; and
      how it is written of the Son of man, that he must suffer many things,
      and be set at nought. But I say unto you, That Elias is indeed come,
      and they have done unto him whatsoever they listed, as it is written
      of him. And when he came to his disciples, he saw a great multitude
      about them, and the scribes questioning with them. And straightway all
      the people, when they beheld him, were greatly amazed, and running to
      him saluted him. And he asked the scribes, What question ye with them?


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